Giving Head to an Uncut Dick

Uncut Peter Le
Uncut Peter Le

I’ve gotten a lot of head in my day. I always want to see if I have chemistry with someone before we take things too far and my best test is some good head. If you can’t suck me off the right way, I’m just being honest; I’m not gonna be that into you. So, just in case any of you guys get the chance to meet me in person and want to see if we’ve got chemistry I figure I should give some pointers on how to give head to big uncut cock like mine.

The first thing to deal with is of course the foreskin. Pull it back but BE GENTLE. Don’t go yanking on it and pull too hard. I hate that and so will any other uncut Asian guy. It’s painful! So get it out of the way softly and then start focusing on the sensitive head. I want you to play with me like you’re trying to see how hard you can get me, I don’t want it to be a race to see how fast you can make me cum. So take your time and enjoy it and I will too. Another tip, don’t suck and pull the skin into your mouth. Just get it really wet and keep your lips tight around me. Not so hard, right? I know you guys can do it so get out there, find a sexy uncut Asian guy and go practice! Oh yeah, bonus points if you can deep throat all of me.

Sunshine Boner
Sunshine Boner

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Love your cock but really wish you would get circumcised. Then giving head would not be such a fragile thing to do. A cut cock can take quite a bit of abuse and things can get good and raunchy! Let us know if you will?

  2. Peter…

    I would love to meed you someday. I am also uncut and have before sucked some uncut cock.

    No, slow now. I really don’t rush thing. Sometimes an hour later I am still busy.

    Love to hear from you.

  3. I just read ur advice , sound so truth about giving head. I want to give a head one day. I’m practicing to go all the way any tips for that please share .

  4. I will get extra points because I can deep throat you. I like to take my time one of my friends that I knew in when he was student in Calif. his cock big like yours and uncut and I did a wonderful job. He is back in Taiwan we still communicate. But he is in the closet with his friends and family. I learned to love uncircumcised cock I only mainly date Asian. I am Spanish -Cuban.

  5. Best blog post ever. Been waiting for you to talk about my favorite subject -- uncut Asian cock. I’ve been “practicing” a lot in case i run into you one day. From my experience some Asian boys like their foreskin pulled by my lips and bitten.

  6. Best blog post ever. Been waiting for you to talk about uncut Asian cock. It’s my addiction. I’ve been practicing for years. Getting ready for the day I run into you. Most of the Asian guys i’ve sucked like their foreskin pulled and bitten.

  7. Hi…Peter
    I know I’m just the one you’re looking for as I’m totally a 1st timer and will be as gentle as you expect..Are you coming to Malaysia to take away my viginity…?? lol..

  8. I wish I could have the chance to do so..I’m sure I’m just what you’re looking for cause I’m still 1st timer and will be as gentle as you expect..Are you coming to Malaysia to take my virginity?

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