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Interview with Tristan Tran

Tristan Tran was very gracious and took some time out of his day to interview with me. As some of you know, Tristan is exclusive on Randy Blue now, but he also did some videos and photos shoots for He is a very interesting guy and just like me, wants to break the Asian stereotype. Here’s the interview:

From "Young Jock" on
From "Young Jock" on

Q: What made you decide to do porn?

A: I’ve secretly wanted to be in porn since I was 17. I was at my first Gay Pride in San Francisco, and I met and Falcon porn star Roman Heart. I just thought he was so beautiful and sexy and people were waiting in line to meet him and take pictures with him. I wanted that. I wanted to be him. Not only that but I wanted to change the gay community’s perception of Asian men. I wanted people to see that “Hey, Asian men can be sexy, masculine, and built.” I think I’m doing a pretty good job at that too. 

Q: Were you nervous for your first appearance?

A: Nope, not at all. Sex is beautiful. It comes really naturally for me.  

Q:You have been performing for a while. What are your highlights?

A: I started out doing twink porn when I was 18. As I packed on more muscle, I sort of progressed as I moved through different companies. My shoot I did for Bound in Public was definitely the hardest, because I had to perform in a crowded nightclub with 200 guys watching and participating. Since then I became a Randy Blue exclusive and I feel honored knowing that I’m one of the only Asian-American Randy Blue exclusive models. 

Q: How many times can you cum in a day?

A: It varies…I do live cam shows on Randy Blue, so quite a few times and on command too. 

Q: What was the best sex you ever had and what made it so good?

A: The best sex I ever had was with my ex, Chris. We were passionately in love; so attracted to each other. We trusted each other so much that it made the sex so amazing. We had no inhibitions and every single time we had sex, it became better and better. 

From "Against the Wall" on
From "Against the Wall" on

Q: Are there any challenges being Asian in gay porn?

A: I think that especially in the gay community, most guys don’t associate Asian with Sexy. That is something I’m working to overcome and change.  

Q: What are your sexual turn-ons and turn-offs?

A: I love guys with athletic, muscular bodies. I find masculinity very hot. Sexually I’m pretty versatile; so total tops and total bottoms bore me. The one thing that really turns me off is when a guy uses his nails during sex. Scratching and tickling with nails equals instant loss of my erection. 

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

A: Hopefully progressing from “Porn Actor” to “Porn Star”. I don’t feel established enough to call myself a star yet, but maybe in 3 years, I will make my mark in the gay porn industry.

– Thanks Tristan for taking the time and interview with me.

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From "Boyish Good Looks" on
From "Boyish Good Looks" on

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Tristan is so cute! I enjoyed this interview with him thanks for sharing!

    BTW, I googled Roman Heart and saw the video of him and (my fav porn star) Brent Everett and I could see why he wanted to be Roman lol.

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