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Sex After Circumcision – Jake Moore Interview

Jake Moore
Jake Moore

The question is, is sex better before or after circumcision? newest model Jake Moore (21 years old) got circumcised later in life and says that sex after circumcision is less stimulating and therefore lasts longer than before he was cut.

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Just fyi, for all the guys I’ve given head to, the ones that come the quickest are the “cut” cocks, where as for “uncut” I can suck for HOURS.

    What’s hot about uncut, is that it looks cut, once the skin is retracted. Thus, it makes it more fun either giving blowjobs or handjobs or just playing with it in general.

    Even with the skin retracted, it looks hotter than a cut cock. A cut cock just looks like something is missing, whereas a retracted “uncut” cock is HOT!

  2. While I have to respect that Jake is an adult and decided for himself to get circumcised, I disagree with the whole “it is cleaner” argument. A penis will get dirty regardless if you don’t wash it, intact or not.

  3. I personally prefer cut. One of my brothers was born in the South and he was uncircumcised. Unfortunately, when he was twenty years old, for him to urinate caused him a lot of pain. Therefore, the doctor had suggested for him to get circumcised to resolve this problem. What I remember was that after the surgery, he was in a lot of pain for a while before he was healed. In all honesty, I really think that if you’re happy with being uncircumcised then that’s your prerogative. It doesn’t matter to me either or because we are all different and to me, its like being in Baskin and Robbins Ice Cream Parlor, we all have preferences and choices in regard to what we like and prefer.

  4. I personnally think that uncut cocks are way more attractive. I’ve also considered getting circumcised, but I think I should leave my body the way it was created (apart from shaving once in a while).

    Ah, and something else : not sure there’s a problem with the photographer, but I find Jack MUUUUUUUUUCH more attractive on the video than on the pics 😉

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