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Who Likes to Get Spanked?

"On the Floor" -
"On the Floor" -

I have two new Asian characters coming on board for Season 2 besides Jessie and Eric, plus some other guys. One of the Asian guys is straight, but is curious about being part of the show. I told him that he will have to at least get blown, but then one of my writers suggested a couple of other things too. He said, “How about an episode which involves spanking the straight guy to get him warmed up?” Then he went on to say, “And then we can have someone do some rimming on his asshole.” It got me thinking, how many of you guys are interested in seeing rimming and spanking in the videos? What other stuff are you interested in seeing so I can make sure we include it at some point. Make sure to write all of your suggestions in the comments field below.

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"On the Floor" -
"On the Floor" -


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  1. we all would like to see you participate in your sexy episodes. But spanking, nipple and ball s & m, eating armpits, and sucking toes.

  2. How about group sex? With 3 or more guys both Asians and White and maybe how about you find a guy White or Black with at least 10 inches or higher and having him fuck the Asian guy? I don’t know if there is an Asian guy willing to be fucked by a guy with a 10 incher or more cause Asian guy’s ass are pretty smooth and could only handle so much! I know! lol.

    I was fucked by a 10 incher white guy once, and I don’t know if I want to experience that again. Because I couldn’t stand up straight for the next couple of hours! 🙂

    • We are filming 2 different episodes in Season 2 that are threesomes. I wish I could find a Black and Latino guy that wanted to be in the series, but all of the guys I contact either don’t get back or are not interested. But I’m still looking. Eric East is a power bottom and will be getting fucked in Season 2 a lot.

    • Double penetration is a possibility, but I have to talk it over with the guys. At the end of the day, it is what they are willing to do and not do that determines how the script goes. Unlike other shows, we write the script after talking to each person, finding out what they are willing to do and then the development process begins. I think as the Season’s progress, the guys will be willing to do more and more.

  3. Agree with many here. Rimming would be hot; spanking not too much. How about the use of some sexy toys on the bottoms? Would be great to see a strong AsianAm top fuck a bottom with a dildo or anal beads. Also, maybe incorporate suits or uniforms some more into the scenes? Was a little sad that Shane took off his suit so quickly. Agreed that more dirty talk would be hot. Peter, I understand the constraints of having to work behind the scenes, but if you and Tristan could do a flip flop scene together, it would just be absolute Azn heaven! =) xoxo

    • Tristan said that he is in a contract with another company right now, that’s why he’s not on the show. But I would like to incorporate toys with season 3.

  4. 69. I want to see an asian and white guy 69. And I know it’s not really the point of your site but I would like to see a white guy top an asian guy.

    And rimming asian ass is my absolute favorite thing to do in bed. Would love to see it in your videos.

    • You will be seeing a white guy top a dominate bottom in Season 2. It’s different from how people are use to seeing Asian guys and I think you will love it.

    • I understand that, but right now that’s not part of the script. As I said, I don’t push anyone to do what they are not comfortable doing, that includes myself. As things progress, I will definitely think about it.

  5. Rimming is quite unhealthy. Please don’t make us watch videos with that. Quite frankly, since your models are so hot, it will make us want to do it more in real life even if we know it is a bad idea.

    • I’m going to have a cameo in Season 2 in an episode, but I can’t do that much since I’m the director and photographer. I really enjoy being behind the camera, but I will continue doing my other videos in-between seasons.

    • I was actually thinking about having that as part of an episode, but it got rejected by vote with the other writers. I’ll bring it up again for Season 3.

  6. Rimming, yes. Spanking, not so much, unless it’s integrated into a scene as some minor element. Would like to see more dirty talk, more rapport between the models. Probably some other stuff, too, I’m sure.

  7. Yes, I would like to see rimming and maybe spanking. I think cumshots in the mouth are hot and would love to see one (or more) of those too. Thanks for always asking for our feedback Peter!

  8. Hi Peter, I watched a lot of gay videos or movies, most of them were either violent or sad. Since you have several young and cute models, please make some love stories and romantic movies. We are gays, that means we suppose be happy, instead of violent and sad.

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