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Ready To Party in 5 Minutes [FREE Shower Video]

This is an instruction video on how to get ready to go out and party in just five minutes. This includes a shower scene, me drying myself off, getting my underwear and clothes on. Remember to wear Old Spice, use toner on your face before you moisturize. Tell me how you like my green underwear. I wore it so people wouldn’t pinch my butt cheeks at the club like usual. Fitted jeans and a beat that you can early remove to spank people with later is a must. Now don’t forget to use some eye cream and hair product; got to look good all night. Most importantly is mouth rinse, got to smell good for kissing. Now do one final check before you head out to party. Let’s Party!

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PeterFever Gets Ready in 5 Minutes
PeterFever Gets Ready in 5 Minutes

Written by PeterFever


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    • Next time just yell out, “Hey Peter.” I love meeting fans. I was getting an external hard drive to backup my files. So make sure to say hello next time.

  1. hello Peter, can you post in again the said video in facebook account coz I wasn’t able to see it. let me judge it for myself if it warrants a ban from youtube. i believe you wouldn’t post something in youtube that would be offensive, provocative and pornographic in nature.

  2. Sexy video..thanks for sharing. are looking mighty hot in the green underwear..your ass is so well rounded that it reminds me of the breakfast rolls that my mom used to bake in the oven when I was a kid..and I got my jar of Smucker’s ready to spread on them…lol

  3. Peter, your so damn hot, even better your outsides match your insides… sending love and peace your way…. once again thanks for your motivation, I am getting my body back..

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