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The Asiancy – “Sex Not Love”

Mitch Vaughn Sucking Eric East
Mitch Vaughn Sucking Eric East

After finding Jessie in bed with another guy, Eric went back to his office and got upset. His assistant Mitch came in to see if he could help out and that’s when Eric decided to take advantage of him.

Eric always knew Mitch was in love with him so he figured that his heart shouldn’t be the only one broken tonight.

Eric, half out of his mind says, “Tonight you’re my bitch, just shut the fuck up and do what I tell you.” That’s when Mitch’s fantasy with Eric comes true. But what he finds out afterwards is heartbreaking.

Check out The Asiancy – Season 2, Episode 2 “Sex Not Love” starring Eric East and Mitch Vaughn.

Eric East Riding Mitch Vaughn
Eric East Riding Mitch Vaughn

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