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Peter Le in “Friend My Ass”

Waiting by the Window
Waiting by the Window

My buddy said he really got turned on by watching the video of me playing with my ass and he asked if I was going to do another video anytime soon. I told him that the next time I came out the California; I would come over to his house and play with my ass in person, only if he agreed to videotape it for my members. Well he agreed alright and we hope you enjoy watching, “Friend My Ass”.

Feels Fucking Great
Feels Fucking Great

Exclusively Filmed for Members

I'm Waiting for You
I’m Waiting for You

Written by PeterFever


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  1. hi,peter i happen to buy a c.d. of yours and i’m glad i did. you’re so hot. one of the best looking asian i’ve seen. i love to see you having your asshole rimmed by a well hung caucasian guy.

  2. Hi Peter,
    How did I miss this video ? I’ve just watched it and he made me horny too. I’d loved to see more. This yummy ass needs a least a dildo !!!
    Take care,

  3. Peter has the hottest ass in gay porn. This clip is nice, but I really hope he let’s us see that ass get put to good use in a scene with a hot top.

    • From your mouth to Peter’s ears. Would love to see Peter use that ass. Even if it’s just a dildo.

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