Wholesome Folsom

Remember that surprise party I blogged about a while back? Well, the party was this past weekend and it was a blast! The funniest part of the party though, happened on the way there. So you guys know Alex, my marketing assistant for PeterFever and buddy – well we were both going to the party and decided to ride together. When I was on my way to pick him up he kept texting me asking me if he needed to bring anything special or kinky, and I thought he was just joking around. He gets in the car and he seems way more excited about the party than I had expected, and I started wondering what was up.

Turns out he thought the party was taking place in Folsom, as in the renowned Folsom Street Fair – the annual BDSM and leather street fair held as part of San Francisco’s “Leather Pride Week”. If you’ve never been then there are 2 things you need to know: 1. GO! and 2. it gets really wild. The Folsom we were headed for was much less erotic and thrilling, we were on our way to the wholesome town of Folsom nestled in the woods outside Sacramento. Alex was so bummed when I told him but I couldn’t stop cracking up imagining what kind of party he had thought we were headed for.

BDSM from Gallery "Leather"
BDSM from Gallery “Leather”
Bondage from Gallery "Leather"
Bondage from Gallery “Leather”


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  1. Saw Alex in Deep’s music video! Great job!! He’s my secret hero cause surrounded by top models and artists he is proud and active just like he is. Guess we all owe him much… btw, except for shibari-stuff there is almost no Asian gay leather out there! wtf?! why?? Maybe there’ll be a party at the Asiancy one day? I’d love to see those pictures in motion, … any chance? 😉

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