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How to Get the V-Shape Look

What makes a man’s body attractive? I’m with the majority who agrees that a guy with a V shape body is very sexy and desirable. Some may ask how do I get the V Shape body but don’t worry I’m here to help you with that. When you first see a guy with a V shape body, you notice the shoulders immediately. One because it’s near eye level and two it’s shows off how wide your upper body looks.

The shoulder workout. You must start with shoulder press because it’s builds the most mass of your shoulders, then you can workout the other ares of the shoulders to compliment your shoulder’s thickness. This 4 week program will help you see results. This is done 3 times a week for 4 weeks. After you complete this routine for 4 weeks, it would be time to switch it up, or your body will adapt to this program. So stay tune for more exercise tips.

Shoulder press with Dumbbell or Barbell 5 sets of 5 repetition
Dumbbell lateral raises 4 sets of 7 repetition
Upright rows 4 sets of 7 repetition
Dumbbell frontal raises 4 sets of 7.

Rest about 90 – 120 seconds in between sets and strive to lift heavier with proper form every time you train. Good luck and happy training.

Get A Sexy V Shape
Get A Sexy V Shape

Written by PeterFever

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