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Sex Toys as Gifts?

Are Sex Toy Gifts to Much?
Are Sex Toy Gifts to Much?

I have a funny story I want to tell you. It was my buddy Alex’s birthday recently and I wanted to get him a funny gift so I bought him a sex toy as a joke. I got him a Fleshjack, wrapped it up in gift wrap, and had it shipped to his house just in time for his birthday party. Little did I know, I forgot to include my name on the gift. His family collected all the presents he received and kept them from him until it was time to open them at the party. When it was time, his family and friends all sat together to watch him unwrap his gifts. After opening gifts after gifts, he finally got to my present and had no clue who it was from. He pulled it out of its and box and there in the middle of everyone holding up the Fleshjack trying to figure out what it was. It dawned on him and he got really embarrassed and realized out who it was from. His mom and dad kept asking what it was. I couldn’t stop laughing when he told me.

Have you ever received a sex toy for a gift? What did you think? Leave me some comments! I wanna hear some funny stories!


Are Sex Toys a Weird Gift to Give?

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  1. My only sex toy story is this. The first time my roommate’s Mom visited us this happened .First I have to point out she is very religious and conservite. She already didn’t want her daughter living in New York …a place of sin lol I myself am not that conservative either. Anway right as she was coming in .Our lovely dog Zora had got into my roommate’s ” private box ” She came running into the living room with a rather large dildo in her mouth. Fortunately I saw it first ….but I thought it was a bone …of another kind !! lol I go screaming and lmao while trying to get the dildo from Zora. My roomate figures out what’s happening…with a complete look of horror on her face !! Her Mom asked what’s going on ? My beautiful roommate says without missing a beat …just ignore him he’scrazy aand just really happy to meet you !! A priceless moment …the best 🙂

  2. Next time when you decide to give a sex toys give your friends a warning about the gifts before giving it to your friend. You are lucky that your friend is so understand because they will have a hard time explain what the gift is and why they got it.

  3. Omg I never got a sexy toy as a present! It’s so unbelievable LOL I’m really naughty and all my friends know this, maybe it’s for that that no one gave me one, they think that there is no point to do it hahaha however they are wrong, I would like to get one as a present one day! ;P

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