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Are You a Cat or a Dog Lover?

I’m an animal lover and I lean more towards cats at this moment in my life. Growing up in a house of five, we always had a pet dog. It was easy to care for a dog when the whole family pitches in to raise it because we could split the responsibilities of washing, walking, … Continue Reading

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Captain America: Civil War

I don’t go to the movies very often but sometimes I hear a lot about a movie because of the hype around that I feel like I should check it out. Captain America: Civil War recently came out and there’s been so much discussion about this movie. It’s being compared to Batman vs. Superman and even the … Continue Reading

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break up sex header

Break Up Sex – Good or Bad?

I’m sure we’ve all been there. Break ups are never easy. Over the weekend, one of my good friends recently experienced a break up. They had been together for a year and it ended with a mutual break up. They loved each other but were on different pages in their life and didn’t think it … Continue Reading

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End of the Summer

This summer has been fun. I got to do a lot of traveling to China to see my fans. I beat the heat and cooled off at the pools. Did some awesome shoots with the Andrew Christian guys. Unfortunately, now summers coming to an end, but I’m not ready for it to be over! I’m … Continue Reading

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PeterFever Model Search

Be In Our Next Production!

We are casting models for our next production. I am looking for a wide variety of guys with the it factor, confidence, and charisma to bring our sexual stories to life. Who would you like to see be a part of the next cast? Leave me some names in the comment section. Whether you are … Continue Reading

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Be a Part of PeterFever History

Do you want to be a part of Peter Fever history? We are looking for script ideas for The Asiancy Season 7.  No matter how crazy your idea is leave us a comment. What is your deepest fantasy?  What turns you on? We want to know what gets you excited.  From past seasons script ideas … Continue Reading

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PeterFever Survey

I would like to know what you love and would like changed on so I can continue to make the site the best in the world. Please take a few minutes to give me some feedback and more importantly write your personal thoughts and ideas so I can incorporate them in future updates. [formidable … Continue Reading

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