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Tucked In?

Trying it Tucked in My Underwear
Trying it Tucked in My Underwear

As always, when I’m changing in the gym’s men locker room, I usually catch someone watching me. It doesn’t really bother me, unless they start to stare. However this time, someone in the locker room caught my attention. I noticed a tall and muscular guy dressing up for work, he was wearing a long button up dress shirt and he was tying a double windsor tie. I was thinking he probably watched my video on how to tie a windsor tie, but after he made his tie, he tucked his shirt in his underwear. I never knew people actually do that? So, I wanted to know if you tuck your shirt, do you tuck it in your underwear or under your pants?  

Tucked In or Untucked?
Tucked In or Untucked?

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  1. yes, I always tuck my t shirts and dress shirts in my underwear -- usually briefs -- and have done since school days. Comfortable and keeps the shirt in, and I think it looks good too! Try it guys.

  2. I am 29 years old and have been tucking my shirt in my underpants since I was in high School.For me it is the only way to wear them.Only problem is that the white waistband is frequently showing above the top of my pants. This is something I have learned to live with and I only laugh when other guys make derogatory comments.Many jocks at my gym also tuck their shirts in their underpants. It is more common than most people realize.

  3. Five years ago, I got a detention at school for having my shirt tail hanging out. My mates suggested I tuck it into my boxers, and I did. Although I have occasionally been told to pull my pants up, I have not received any more detentions, and I do like the fact that my shirt and vest are neatly stowed away. I have now left school, but still tuck my shirt into my underpants. It is warmer in winter, keeps everything tidy, and just feels right. My Granddad approves as he comes from an era when you needed to keep your underpants up with braces, so had to tuck both vest and shirt inside your knickers. Looking around the gym changing rooms, more guys do it than you might think!

  4. if normal wearing, for sure i will only tuck it in my pants.
    if go for normal office wear, i will tuck it in my underwaer, its wont become loose so easily.

  5. LOL The tuck your shirt in your underwear things is apparently a modelling trick used to ensure your shirt stays in your pants and does not ride up again when you move around because it stayes “anchored” in your underwear although I guess if you are wearing boxers you might have less … anchorage?
    By the way I think you are so hot. 🙂 <3

  6. Hahaha, this is a funny question. It’s one of the things I never thought of. I don’t tuck my shirt into my underwear. Maybe if I’m wearing layers I’ll tuck into the shorts beneath my pants or something. All I can think of…

  7. When I wear a dress shirt, I wear a tee shirt underneath and tuck the tee into my boxer briefs and the shirt into my pants (outside the briefs). Everything fits more comfortably this way. Otherwise the undershirt rolls up a bit as you move around. But I never tuck the outside shirt into my briefs. This does not look right especially if the top of the briefs appear above your pants. If I remove the outside shirt, then I untuck the tee because it does not look right tucked in. My ex used to walk around in his tightie whities with his tee shirt tucked in after he came home from work. I would go up to him and untuck the tee or better yet take his tightie wighties off.

  8. i’ll untucked it because if we tucked inside there, when we are already take a piss, it will make our shirt wet and if we dont know that and take out our shirt without checking, then ist will feeling akward when we see that? Peter, i wish to become your model but i cant upload my photo because there is no have browse button to click. can u tell how to upload my photo? thanks…

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