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I would like to know what you love and would like changed on so I can continue to make the site the best in the world. Please take a few minutes to give me some feedback and more importantly write your personal thoughts and ideas so I can incorporate them in future updates.

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  1. the site has great potential :
    1. keep using multiracial combis, those latins you have are as hot as ur asians
    2. use hot French tongue kissing, fucking we can see everywhere, but good kissing is what turns us on
    3. it’s all in the mind guys, hot clothes do wonders too: hot udnerwear, good sexy jeans do wonders before the action take place

  2. I just love this site and the effort and love everybody pours into it, fans and staff together. Whereelse do you find that? At this rate, it’s gonna be a huge community or even a TV channel, one day! So many excellent people, yet still happy to see your appearances, whatever genre, your natural style is so unique and so seductive…

  3. Peter, great job you do & hot things you make for us, thanks so very much for your warm heart,beautiful mind & great stuff you have for us, we love you so much !

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