Summer Movie Night!

Peter Le family

Every year during the summer, I’ve been taking my 13 year old nephew, 6 year old nephew, and my 5 year niece to the movies. Tonight we were planning to watch Toy Story 3, this will be my second time watching it, but it’s so good that I don’t mind watching it again. I’m excited with all the new movies coming out that I’m expected to be busy every Monday.

The photo attached to this blog is my little cowboy and my beautiful cowgirl. Oh yeah, that’s me in the middle, I’m was going to dress up as Buzz Light Year, but I’ll would sweat my ass off. My niece’s birthday was during the past weekend, so my gift to her was to take her to the movies and buy her some snacks. I figured spending time with the kids is better than material things because toys come and go, but memories last forever.

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  1. Peter, we will remeember that date; you will be in my every prayer wishing you good heath; You are right money cannot buy happiness; Happiness is “internal” and reflect to your external. That how others feel it.

    As of now, I am happy to see you and that is what you have infected me. Love….

  2. Peter, yes toys can be bought but not memories. Your nephew and niece are very lucky to have an uncle like you, tall, dark and handsome. So does PJ.

    Peter, when is your birthday? and what will you want for your birthday present? You seems to have everything. Maybe, I can only wish you all the best, many many happiness, good health and good fortune.

    Please keep us inform dear!!!

  3. PJ looks like he got a bath.. What sweet kids ! your niece and nephew are so cute.. and you’re right, memories last a lifetime. But I suspect that the biggest kid of all is you. 😉

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