I was Accused of Impersonating Myself

Mirror Image of MyselfStealing photos and posting them on the internet is one thing, but using my photos as if it’s their very own is wrong and stupid. I’m a logical and easy going guy when is come to solving confrontation. Today, I received a message from a friend on facebook saying that someone is impersonating me with my photos and the first thing I did was verify that person’s claim. I clicked on on the impersonator’s profile that he provided and there it was, a photo of me set to his main profile photo. Here’s how the conversation went:

Peter – “Hi Tomas, please remove my photos from your profile or I will report you to Facebook.”

Tomas – “helooooo wich fotos??”

Peter – “It looks like you recently removed it.” I then figured out that he posted my photo again behind my back and I said, “Tomas you still have my photos on your profile. You can’t pretend you are me. Please remove my photo.”

Tomas – “exuse me peter lee!! u dont know who u are dealing with!! these pictures belong to no one!! and if u do report me!! u will report me from stealing a foto form google?? and i am going to pit back and u better remove ur foto cz u dont know me and who u are dealing with!”

Peter – “What are you talking about. That is my photo; that’s me. That is my tattoo and that is my copyright on the photos. I have watermarks on them, either or I dont care who I’m dealing with, you are stealing my photos.”

I was shocked to hear that he was going to report me for using my own photos on Facebook. Then I started to get pissed that he disregarded that I had been nice and calm about the whole situation and turned everything back on me. I couldn’t respond and take action because I was needed to go back to the gym to train my clients. I’m lucky some of my Facebook friends reported his ass and the photo was deleted from his profile.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter, come on. You are in unreal world called internet. Your photos are spreaded all over the world from other tons of website. Yeah, you have done the right thing, yet be prepared that it’s possibly to continually happen in the years to come.

    As long as you keep your hot ‘everything’ in you, million guys out there, gay or straight, would always desperately fantasize to be you.

    Get positive from this, you are such awesome creation that guys want to be…crazy wannabes out there (including me ^_^) are crazilly to enjoy your body (desperately hoping hahahaha)…..

  2. Dear Peter,
    While it holds true that in the internet realm you are most likely to encounter nasty and bitchy ass-dicks like Tomas,you must ALWAYS consider the fact also that YOU ARE ONE VERY HOT,STEAMY PUBLIC FIGURE,PETER!;0
    And sometimes,your audiences either want to be Peter fanatics or desperate Peter wanna-bees..
    And you must be aware too,Peter dear,that in this case, the Law is definitely on your side!
    More power to you Peter! ^_^

    • I just dont want people to put me in a bad light. When I reply or message people, I do it myself. I dont have people pretending to be me writing back. So, if someone says there are someone they are not, they are just living in a fantasy.

  3. Peter, It is not surprising as there is no actual policing in Facebook. Vice versa, you can put someone photo and said that it is your own (not that I am saying you do).

    Take this in a better light; You are so handsome, sexy and hot that the other party wants to impersonate you.

    Next time, if it occurs again, just report it to Facebook authority, I am sure they can trace the identity.

  4. I know you’re not a professional writer, but after reading your latest blog title I just had to say something. It should be: “I was accused of impersonating myself.” I know I may seem like a grammar nazi but being that this is the only insight people might get into who “PeterFever” is than I believe it merits at least some editing prior to publishing. ta ta.

    • I’m working on my editing. I’m so use to writing quick emails and message because that is the only way to reply to tons of messages a day.

    • Hi Writer,
      You wrote:
      “I know I may seem like a grammar nazi but being that this is the only insight people might get into who “PeterFever” is than I believe it merits at least some editing prior to publishing.”

      I add:
      “It’s ‘then’ not ‘than’. Also, think about adding a comma after your conjunction, but.

      Peter responds to TONS of emails each day. Listen to what he says instead of how he says it.


  5. Hi Peter ,
    it is not something surprising you I think. I agreed that you have took a right action against him to protect your interest over your pictures ownership.

    • Hey Peter.. It’s true that imitation is the highest form of flattery.. but this arrogant prick is into ripping off your identity too. Not long ago, while looking at profiles on dudesnude, I saw one of your photos being used by a guy in China. I was gonna alert you.. or turn him in to the dudes organization.. but I felt sympathy for him. It can’t be easy being gay in mainland China. I decided that if that photo of your beautiful physique gets him some undeserved attention.. so be it. China’s a very distant land.. it’s not like he’s gonna be cutting in on your action.

    • True, but what happens when that imperosnator meets another online perosn for the first time. They would have a lot of explaining to do. Then again everyone lies online with your height, age, status, and whatever.

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