4th of July

4th of July Fireworks in Washington, D.C.

It was a great 4th of July. I woke up late morning and did my usual routine: brushed my teeth, drank a shake, responded to messages online, and hit the gym for cardio and weights. Since, I’m trying to take my nephew and niece to the movies every Monday night, I’ve decided to move it up to Sunday because I wanted Monday all to myself.

I looked at the reviews at before we left the house and read that the The Last Air Bender had low scores, but the kids wanted to see it anyway and how could their favorite Uncle say no? From the beginning of the movie, I had to agree with rottentomatoes that this wasn’t my kind of movie, but I managed to bare with the acting.  It’s definitely a kids movie. Once the show ended, I bought the kids Cold Stone Ice Cream and Jamba Juice.

I felt the day shouldn’t be over for the kids, so I accompanied them to their neighbor’s house so they could swim in their  pool. It was just the three of us hanging out in the back year; I was sitting in the shade while they were swimming. It was a hot day, so I decided to throw PJ in the pool.

At night, we celebrated the 4th at my brother’s house with a BBQ party and watched the fireworks. PJ was a champ; usually I hear complaints that the noise from the fireworks scares their dogs, but PJ acted like nothing was happening or acting deaf. I had a nice holiday weekend with my family.

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  1. Peter,
    I forgot to tell you about MY 4th.I got myself the best “toy” in the whole world:The HEALTHMASTER from Montel Williams.I now have TOTAL control of all the antioxidants in the world that I might want, WHENEVER I want. Peter, if you are serious about being a vegetarion, you’ve GOT to get this machine.Do yourself a favor and watch Montel’s infomercial. I know -infomercials usuallly are a waste of time, money out of your pocket.BUT, if you have read ANY of my messages, be sure to read THIS one.Being solo, I messed up the quantity (2much for 1person), but thatt I will get.Vegetable juices, I have to find the right combo for ME.The fruit smoothies were out of this world. I could feel being suffused with energy INSTANTANOUSLY try it, you will NOT regret it Peter.

  2. Peter,
    Family is precious, especially the children.All they want is love and attention.It is the best way to divert your focus away from your busy business life.Those children provide you food for your soul, Peter.All too soon, they’ll get busy with their school and their young lives.Be there to cheer them on in their activities..Enjoy them while you may, stay healthy…

  3. BTW, you made me admire you more ad you get my utmost respect for being so family oriented esp. Making and spending your time with your nephews and nieces. Unlike others who jus flaunt their bodys and just talk about their party ways, you really have something above those shoulders not just the lovely face. Hats off to you buddy and keep smiling!!

  4. Glad to know that. Being with family is just irreplaceable. I had a great time also in Jersey shore with family 38 in all from NYC and out of state 10 of the from Milpitas in Cali. We had fun waterskiing, wakeboarDing, jeetskii, foods and lots of food. I think I ate 3 days worth of food, broke my diet lol. We we’re back to NYC right in time for the Macys firreworks display and awesome. We were by the Hudson also in my Cousins boat. Nice hearing updates from you and glad you are well, likewise. Take and keep smilin’!!

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