Making ‘Ass’umptions

I’m so tired of reading the same shit about fitness. It’s all the same content but rewritten in a way that catches your attention and looks different. There are so many articles on fitness, diets and new celebrity fitness routines and it all contradicts each other. You can’t believe the first thing you read or see, you just have to stick with some simple rules and stay determined.

Anyway back to the book store. I was browsing the store for something new that would catch my attention. Usually people read books when they are in the mood for something interesting that may relate to them at that moment. For example, I receive books as gifts from people and most of the time they have nothing to do with things that interest me.

I stayed away from the fitness section and instead wandered over to the relationship and self-help section. There are moments when I have no clue what excites me, so I analyze my thoughts and what I believe others think of me.

Bookstore Self Help Section

After an hour of reading through all the titles, I found something that caught my attention. I picked up a book that helps people start small talk. Now most people would say, “You don’t need this kind of book Peter; you talk to people every day.” True, but it looked like a fun book to read.

I took the book up to the cashier to purchase. I looked around and noticed this lady was the only cashier and I was the only person in line. She scanned the book and glanced at the title. Suddenly she starts a weird conversation like I’m antisocial or something. I felt uncomfortable but it only got worse as her lecturing went on and on about how, “You don’t need this book” and “I can teach you social skills because I’m smart and social.” I know the times when someone is trying to pick up on me and this wasn’t one of those times.

I was thinking to myself, “What a freak! Don’t make assumptions about me.” I think it is very impolite to give unsolicited comments based on what the cashier sees you buy; it’s none of her stupid business. Good thing she wasn’t the cashier at the pharmacy when I was buying a 12 pack of condoms, I could only guess what she would have said then.

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Hello Peter,
    U are a Psych major,what happened to Ur asserting urself:.”Pardon me lady, would U just kindly ring up the sale please.?, I have an appt with my shrink…(lol).?The last few of ur blogs do suggest a restless psyche…early am in the gym, but the body seemed separate from the mind.?Biorythmic dissonance.!Then yet another trip to the bookstore with the same “fatigue” about books re fitness (ur bread+nutter!!!!!)..From personal experience I strongly suggest that U re-evaluate/re-adjust your internal dialogue.I am a fervent believer in self help.Not by a session on the couch with a shrink: This one you can do in the privacy of your own home.Try this, Peter: go to….the search window fill in: THE LAST LECTURE….and watch the U-tube video…It shook me to my core, and I have made several major adjustments in my life.(U are an unsuspecting/unexpected catalyst)Please watch it, U will come out of it a changed man, trust me….ur fan….Peter

    • … I tried to go to the link and safari said it couldn’t access the site. So I went to YouTube and typed in ‘The Last Lecture’ and found the video of Randy Pausch.

    • And BTW Peter.. there’s nothing wrong with having sessions with a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist. When I was Peter’s age, I had a lot of difficulty determining my true identity, and finding my pathway to self-realization and happiness. So I started therapy with a good psychologist, who taught personal discovery and behavior modification, and she helped me become me.

    • Peter Le,
      When there is no BLATANT NEED for a therapist, be your own counselor, listen to your own inner voice. You may have strayed (from boredom..??) just a wee bit from your earlier dreams.Randy Pausch will show U the way 2 get your “gyroscope” back into the proper balance 4 U….good luck..stay healthy…ur fan…Peter

  2. Peter, I think you’re somewhat ‘lost’ and unhappy right now. And I think you’d benefit if you talked to a therapist, or a counselor, or a mentor about what’s going on in your mind.. and your life.

  3. …Cont….(She have chronic back pain). She was thankful after and before she left I told her that I had my masterss and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Columbia university and you could have seen that blank face stare of her face. Sincethen she change her attitude and commends me on my accomplishments. By the way I am Asian of Filipino descent and proud to be one. That cashier who underestimates you for sure is just full of insecurities and envy in life 9oz if she is that “smart and social” as she said she won’t be manning the register. Always hold your head high Peter, if people step their foot on you just tell to keep off you and tell them who you are and they will just shut off. Take care there

  4. People tend to underestimate you and your capabilities. Happened to me once at work, am a Physical Therapist, this caucasian lady, first day of session and I was about to do initial evaluation, starts to ask her medical historyand she cut me off telling why I have to ask her and just read the notes from her PT from NYU. Told her that I have to to do my own evaluation and I won’t consult on other PT’s eval. I proceeded and did the eval. During treatment she keeps on interrupting and questioning the procedures am doing and very obvious that she is just testing my knowledge. I answered and explained to her what am doing, why and the importance why I should do it this way but she still continue telling how her PT at NYU do things and I bluntly told her at that point that if you are from NYU it does’nt mean you are better than anybody else and I proceeded and finished the treament. After we finished the session I asked her how she feels and for the first she was able to tie her shoe and bend down painfree

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