It is summer time and my poodle mixed breed PJ is feeling the heat with this furry coat. I haven’t made the time to brush him everyday like I’m supposed to do. Because of that, he developed too many knots in his hair that I couldn’t brush out. I hate when I let this happen.

PJ Before
PJ Before

When his hair gets like this the only way to restore his beautiful soft coat is to shave him and that is exactly what I did. I bought him to PetSmart and paid the groomer to shave my dog. Now, he looks like a rat. It’s ok because this is only temporary and will grow out in about two months.

The good side about shaving him is that I know he feels a lot cooler and he cuddles next to me while I’m sleeping to stay warm. Every time I shave him, I think of PJ just coming back from the Army with crew cut. He looks tough.

The bad side is he looks like a dog that only an owner can love; like he has some dog disease or something. Would you guys still give him a hug? He has is owner’s great personality! =)

Once his soft furry coat grows back, I’ll take more photos and videos to post. He likes posing nude just like his daddy! He is a little narcissistic. Just kidding.

PJ After
PJ After

Written by PeterFever


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    • Lucifer081, If ur “talking” to Peter, than read on. If -however-yr talking to Peter Le, I suggest U go to his interviews during one of which Peter Le rounds out his persona a bit more…hence MY blogs always are addressed 2 Peter Le.
      Peter -the fan:..I am, U could say’one of the last of the mohicans”.400 yrs of race-mixing in the former dutch-east indian colony, now known as Indonesia. THAT all came to a halt after Indonesian Independence broke out 1949.The Diaspora that followed had around 300K refugees leave 4 the motherland (The Netherlands). Even tho the country knew it had a “colonial possession”, it went into severe culture shock at seeing all the blackhaired, darkskinned people SUDDENLY amongst them.Anyhhooo, I have within my veins dutch, french, chinese, armenian (those I was able to trace) blood with all its attnedant cultural “shadings”.My chinese (tsientsin,china-sic)greatgrandmother was one of the concubines that my French greatgrandfather openly lived with, hence the tolerance of different lifestyles -mostly- from my mother’s side. Now, mix in with that my father’s ULTRA conservative Colonial Catholicism and U C why I am going straight to heaven when my time here on earth is over, cuz I have been through HELL here on earth, unfortunately my first 17 yrs were deeply impacted by it.I’m proud + happy 2be able 2 say that this horrid+tortuous ccycle has stopped with me.My son has added afro-american,america indian, german to his cultural mix- so he’s even closer to 57 Heinz than I……Sorry 4 the longwind, I could not abbreviate without glaring omissions….Be happy…but more than that be HEALTHY…..Peter

  1. Peter Le,
    Poor PJ, and he’s only a prelude to what awaits U when U decide to become a REAL “daddy”..He needs yr loving attention. I had a dog just like PJ, my son called him “blue blue” he was champagne colored. they just want to be loved, and they’ll love U NO MATTER what kind of day U have had, so enjoy the ittle one. I was just at Harbor Tools and they have a god clipper set for $ will be chanllenge to yr patience and dexterity, because PJ will be like quicksilver….Love him, he;ll love U back 1000x..R&B=good 4 the soul…sex therapy.sometimes listening is more therapeutic than giong for the big “O” ALL THE TIME…Fantaszing about having an equal twin is so good for U, Peter.It allows U to do things that in real life would get U nothing but head+heart ache, so….listen to Dr. Randy Pausch (carnegi-mellon) play the cards U were dealt, and play them well……..enjoy life..Peter Le…

  2. Peter, PJ is still cute without his woolie. However, both of you ensure that you are comfortable and keep each other warm.

    Please hug PJ for me and thanks for that.

    Always love to see his daddy nude, sexy body which makes me hot and horny…. haha….

  3. PJ has a shave on his little doggy body.. just like his daddy shaves his sexy body. Both of you look cute ! Make sure he has blankets and can stay warm when the AC is on.. tell him he’s cute, and give him some extra love.

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