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Monkey Feet

Squats (Taken from Exercise Pictorial Book)
Squats (Taken from Exercise Pictorial Book)

This all started in January 2010 when I wore my Vibram shoes – the five finger shoes – to the gym every day. Yes, they look weird and funny; people sometimes call me ‘big bear’ or ‘monkey feet’ because they look so odd, but they work. I consistently get asked, what is the benefit from wearing those shoes?

Well, the problem with wearing traditional shoes is that after 500 miles or around 4 months, your feet naturally supinate. Supination is outward roll of the foot during normal motion like walking or running, which causes stress on your muscles and tendons. This stress makes many people I know avoid squat exercises because they blame it on their weak knees. The real problem is the height of the heel. Think about it, the higher your heel is to the front of your toes the more stress it puts on your knees.

With some of my clients at the gym who refuse to do any squat exercises, I simply have them remove their shoes and as a result no knee problems. That is it! I solved the knee problem crisis at the gym.

Fast forward 6 months, I noticed three other gym members today doing squats and dead lift exercises without shoes. I was nervous when I had my clients walk to another superset station without their shoes, because I was afraid that the gym owner might say something about it. Nevertheless, it works great.

Try it yourself and comment back. Either do squats or dead lifts without shoes or use the Vibram shoes to increase your muscle mass and train your calve muscles at the same time.

Vibram Shoes (AKA Monkey Feet)

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter,
    I’m at a dead end when it comes to doing squats, yet I need to increase my leg strength to have a stronger leg kick for swimming.I ended up with the dreaded “H’s”(externals), and trust me- after surgical removal-, U do NOT want anyone near ur A with a sharp knife.Suppositories containing steroids were the only thing to help just a bit..I’m looking for other ways to “get around” the “H” problem. Any suggestions?.I use the weight table leg lift, but only up to a certain amount(after incremental weight increases.I do all manner of core strengthening exercises to help me along.If I could do squats seriously I might consider bying those shoes, my YMCA requires shoes to be worn.

    • Hey Peter, If you watch porn you’ll see a lot of lifters and body builders with different sized external hemorrhoids. I’ve had them too, and had several incision and drain procedures when suppositories and soaking wouldn’t shrink them. Eventually I had surgery to remove them. Unless you have a complete hemorrhoidectomy you’re always going to susceptible to having them reoccur when you exercise your abs and quads. Heavy lifts and squats of course are the worst thing you can do. My advice is to avoid any exercise that inflames them, or causes them to swell and protrude. And take stool softeners as needed.. or one day, you’ll be required to experience a surgery and recovery that is unbelievably painful. Try to care for your body a little more, and love your appearance a little less.

  2. I like those shoes.. I checked their site to see where in Dallas I can get some.. I think you’re a smart dedicated trainer. But I wish you were more of a porn star too. 😉

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