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My Huge Erection

If you are curious what I look like with an Erection, then you need to check out the two galleries I just posted on Peter Fever Photos. But make sure you are a member, otherwise you will just have to be satisfied with the flames. Here is a couple of samples:

Erection Part 1

🙂 Cum See Me 🙂

Erection Part 2

Members Only

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    • Dwayne.. the reality show ‘K Town’ is in production. The producers have picked the cast and filmed one segment. I don’t think the show has been sold yet. So it’s not part of any network or station’s line-up yet.. and might not be. Some people think the show stinks. In all fairness it’s probably too early to tell.. but since the cast-members aren’t living together.. but just getting together to talk, drink, go to restaurants and hang out.. where’s the magic ? where’s the drama ? Plus, other than Peter, the Asian guys just aren’t cute enough to build the kind of female audience the show will need to be a success. There are sooooo many really cute Asian guys.. I don’t know what the people who picked these guys were thinking. If you google K Town reality show.. you can find links that have the cast photos.

  1. lol as if your ego doesnt get stroked enough -- lol -- yes it is freekn HUGE -- i wonder what you do with that -- lol

    side note-- i am jazzed about k-town…i am not surprised at the haters -- as they are everywhere,..

    PLEASE -- keep us updated when they air,..when you are on -- places u go to get filmed,..some of us enjoy following your progress (not quite stalking) lol -- Actually was with a photographer friend today and we admired the “gift” you present to us all --


    • Franz, me too.. but the Jerk-Off thing probably aint gonna happen.. especially now that Peter’s one of the cast in the ‘K Town’ reality show.

  2. Peter Le why didn’t you write us that you are a member of the Asian reality show Ktown. Is that who you were drinking with a couple of weeks ago when you said you got your ass kicked ? The show films in LA, is that why you can’t move to AZ right now ? The cast has 4 Asian guys and 4 Asian girls. Peter and the girls are cute.. the other guys, not so much. I guess the cast-mates aren’t going to live together like the cast of Jersey Shore. I wish you’d write us about the experience you’re having.. we’re your hard-core fans and you’ve written us nothing about what’s going down. Readers can see the cast photo at If you google ‘ K town reality show ‘ you can find several links about the Ktown show. Peter are you going to continue ? what do your cast-mates think about PeterFever ? are the girls into your nudity and big hard cock thing ? how about the guys ? are they cool about hanging with a gay Asian body builder ? This is exciting stuff for you.. I hope it’s something you enjoy and that the added exposure this brings you also brings opportunities and improves the quality of your life.

  3. Peter Le,
    …I -for 1- am IMMENSELY grateful that yr NOT a woman-as per 1 of yr previous usual yr pix are scrumptious and with yr “weapon” so prominently displayed in living color, ‘splain 2me:.”why does saliva start draining/flooding inside my mouth.? slap-slap-slap-slap sound U hear is us working off frustrations.ugh!!.?Seriously Peter Le, I have 1 small personal request of U..If+WHEN that cannon goes off on camera, please have the camera far enough away so that we -in addition 2seeing yr joyjuice splattering- also get yr facialexpression 2.?..Pretty please, with honey on top…??lol..yr fan…..Peter

  4. Peter, you are delightful. I think you would look even more wonderful if you were to allow your Phallic Garden to grow a little more. A nicely manicured bush of pubic hair would, I think, enhance your sex appeal tenfold!

    • lucifer.. go to website

      click on ‘OVER 18’ (providing you are) at the top of the Home Page is a photo of Peter’s face.. to the right is a red and white sign that reads ‘Join Now’ click on it and sign up.

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