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Superhero Cums to Rescue [Video Release]

First there was Superman, then Batman, now there’s Jerk-Off Man. That’s right, bigger than a cannon, harder than a freight train and more explosive than atomic bomb, Jerk-Off Man cums to the rescue.

Check out my funny and sexy new character in this week’s video “Superhero Jerk-Off”.

PeterFever in "Superhero Jerk-Off" on
PeterFever in "Superhero Jerk-Off" on

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Have to see more sequels starring this super character soon.

    Though he’s very strong, too strong for the Red Cape Menace, the villain manages to outwit our hero and distract him, and ends up defeating super Peter. Knocked out and defeated, he is chained up by the Menace, with lots of rubbing and oiling of his pecs. This I’d love to see!

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