Two Restless Dogs

I’m so tried to today. Usually after I get off of work at night around 9 PM and I walk PJ for 30 minutes. Instead I got busy responding to people and by the time I was finished, I was too tired to walk. I threw in the towel and called it a night. I brushed and flossed my teeth, then headed to bed around 12:30 AM.

Peter Le PJ

Suddenly at 2 AM, I heard PJ scratching at the back sliding door to go outside. I was expecting him to pee and come back in to sleep. That wasn’t the case; PJ had too much energy and I had to bring him inside the house. I tried to sleep for a while, but I felt bad knowing that PJ could not sleep and was just sitting next to the door staring at me.

Since everyone in the neighborhood was asleep, I decided to take PJ for a walk at 2:30 AM, only wearing my boxers. It was quiet and no one was around. I felt like I was in the movie Book of Eli waiting to get ambushed by some thugs; I was all prepared to kick some ass. Unfortunately, there were no thugs, no booby traps, and no Bible; it was just PJ and me.

We got back and went to bed around 3 AM. I only had a few hours of sleep before I had to leave for work. Instead of cardio today I went and got a massage; needless to say I fell asleep quickly.

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  1. Peter Le,
    Amidst all the craziness that yr business brings, deep down U -at least- still know who is truly your anchor…-PJ….No matter what kind of day U have had,…he’ll ALWAYS be there to love U..DON’t forget that….

    • Sam.. it’s not a first or second kind of thing. It’s about responsibility.. and ‘being there’ for the pet you wanted.

    • another thing.. Peter put up a photo of his empty place. Basically, there’s nothing there.. which means other than bathing and sleeping and surfing on his computer, there’s nothing to do. So when would Peter be home with PJ ? not to hang out, crash and watch TV.. not to cook and eat his meals. Peter probably spends as much time away from from his home as he can. This is a pretty shitty deal for an animal who has no one else.. and no other pets for companionship.

  2. a dog walker would be a very good idea. PJ wants to play at night because he is alone, in an empty home, and sleeps all day. Here in Dallas we have doggy day care places.. every morning people drop off their dog as they go to work.. so their dog can play with people and other dogs all day long. Poodles are the most intelligent breed of dog. They need companionship and mental stimulation and physical exercise every day. I think Peter loves PJ, but right now, he isn’t able to provide PJ the kind of companionship he needs.

  3. I feel sorry for PJ, he spends so much time alone. Dogs are pack animals, it’s not their nature to be alone.. and are never happy that way.

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