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Shit Happens to the SituAsian

This is what happens when I have too much to drink, I go crazy. Today someone brought these photos (from 4 days ago) to my attention and I have been trying to retrace my steps. I’m asking myself, when and where did these take place? I started laughing and I couldn’t stop because I had no clue I was being photographed.

I’ve taken a lot of photos and when I try to mimic a happy expression, I could never get it close to the photos below. I truly believe these photos showed how excited and happy I am to be in K-Town with my cast members. On top of that, I had 10-12 shots on an empty stomach. It was a bad combination, but the photos look awesome.

I totally forgot someone tried to pull my underwear down. Good thing I was wearing super tight jeans; I even have trouble taking them off. My jeans are so tight that I can’t fit my driver license in my pocket. There are probably more ‘incriminating’ photos from that night floating around the web that I’m not aware of.

After the club, we met in a parking lot at a late night restaurant. I was so wasted that I laid on the grass waiting for the other cast members arrived. I found a photo online from a girl who showed her cuddling next to me as I was knocked-out and took a photo of her kissing me. This is what happens when I have too much to drink; Shit happens!

Damn don’t I look good.

SituAsian Peter Le K-Town 1

Now this is what I call having fun!

SituAsian Peter Le K-Town 2

I feel sorry for that other show (Jersey what?)

SituAsian Peter Le K-Town 3

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  1. It sounds like she knows Peter and was being funny as a friend. I have made comments like that before to friends, saying the opposite of what is true to be ironic.

  2. This is an instant where “SHIT” happened to the SituAsian becasue the SituASIAN A L L O W E D it 2 happen..Peter Le, U know what happens when U surrender 2 booze,..U lose yr inhibitions, -in short- U lose control…U have no way of knowing if some yng female made off with some of your DNA.(2 “surprise” U later on Utube)…….Think on that angle for a while…..No matter How DIFFICULT it may seem, U assigned yourself a monumental task when You started your career, now STAY ON COURS 24/7/365…Stay true 2 what has ALWAYS been in your heart., Peter Le, and you’ll remain head + shoulders ABOVE the “regular” crowd, rather than prone in a coma-like stupor,…BUt -in life- you can always make a U-turn, if this Ktown “infatuation-like” thing strays U off course, perhaps U need to take yr leave of all that “potential” 4 fame ($$$$$-is it worth the price U have 2 pay..??..) still wishing you the best of everything, including good karma….2 go with this “getting-older-one-day-at-the-time-thing”…..Pete

    • PS…For WHAT good is it if a man should conquer the world, if he loses his soul in the process….?

    • Actually the quote is, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” It’s from the bible Mark 8:36.

      I think you take Peter’s blog way to serious. He is a 20-something having fun and enjoying life. It sounds like you are an older person who regrets having missed out on life from all of your previous comments and are now trying to re-live your life through Peter Le.

    • Peter seems to feel that his ‘personal’ connect with Peter Le includes ‘schooling’ Peter about the pathway to enlightenment. His overly long posts are filled with unsolicited sophism.. but probably make him feel like he’s contributing something important to Peter Le’s life.

  3. Steph.. if K Town is picked up and becomes part of MTV’s future programming.. we will learn all kind of things about Peter we don’t know now. Like if Peter is shallow ? conceited ? genuine ? admirable ?.. all things about Peter will be revealed.

  4. Very cool Peter ,I’ve seen many of your photos.It is true the one with the girls is the most raw one of you i’ve seen,sexy and free !!!!Work out for the girl who captured you not as Mister Fever lol but just Peter!

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