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Does P90X Really Work?

People swear that the highly marketed P90X DVD has changed their flabby body to a totally ripped monster. As a personal trainer, I purchased the program to see what people are talking about and educate myself with different programs out. I mean at least I could learn something from it, right?

The program is intense in the way that you have very short breaks and you are constantly moving your body. It’s not like a typical weight training group exercise class, where you have instructors screaming in your face. If you are a person, who is not ready to be seem by others at the gym, then this is for you.

The problem with P90X is that you would not see a bodybuilder following this program. P90X broke the first rule of bodybuilding, progressive overload. If you are doing sets of 12 – 20 repetition, you are wasting your time and just better off running on a treadmill.

There are two types of training, aerobic and anaerobic, that I must clarify so you understand the concept of exercise. First, aerobic exercise is defined as continually moving your body involving mainly your legs to burn fat for at least 12 minutes. Your heart rate is low, around 120 – 130 bpm, but it takes longer to start tapping into your fat as energy; it’s also characterized as endurance and a body type of a marathon runner.

On the other hand, anaerobic is a short burst of full energy that last for a few seconds. This is the only way to build muscle and more importantly burn sugar. It requires breaks between your intervals to regain the energy source for another explosive movement. When you think of an anaerobic body type think of bodybuilders or sprinters.

I couldn’t train the way P90X does it and be successful in bodybuilding competitions. I need progressive overload and breaks of at least 90 seconds between sets; P90X doesn’t make the cut. But if you want to try a program that does work, take a look at

The Smart Guide to Weight Training by Peter Le
The Smart Guide to Weight Training by Peter Le

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  1. Peter:

    I think you should come out with PF360 DVD training (Peter Fever 360) program. That way i can stick in the dvd and train in front of my tv set.

  2. so,…if someone has a need to burn more calories than build mass -- long periods of aerobic activity arent all bad but they r not the best way way to effectively burn fat. Short -- intense burn is the best -- like say trying to run up a damm hill. Burst,…then rest,…Burst,…then rest,….or on weights -- ? that would be tricky,..but lunges with a bar and weights -- and maybe a restrictive band around your feet could also be a good way — or maybe pool sprints -- as hard as u can -- then rest. Stairs at the stadium -- run up,..walk down,..sprints on a rower aint bad -- thats a full upper and lower body work out too.--okay got sum ideas,…..thanks soo much!!!

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