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Mother is Forcing Me to Smoke Weed

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My entire family is worried about me because I don’t sleep well lately, about four hours a night. Having my family intervene just causes me to stress. My mother pops sleeping pills like it’s a multivitamin. She takes one if she has a stressful day or feels that she needs an afternoon nap.

People keep asking me why I can’t sleep. Well, I’m so excited about K-Town, keeping up with all of the press, I’m still training people, producing content for both my blog and my PeterFever site, writing another fitness book for PetePhysique, and keeping up with daily responses to comments on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, and my blog. Another thing is since I’ve donated all of my furniture including my bed; my body is still adjusting to sleeping on an air mattress without a pillow. Because I’m not sleeping, I’ve been losing weight and my appetite. I’m got down to 165 lbs and I haven’t been this low since I appeared in Playgirl magazine 10 years ago.

I’m trying to change my daily schedule to help me sleep better. First, I stop surfing online one hour before I want to sleep. Second I bought a comfortable pillow. So far it seems to be working; I’ve been sleeping better and I have regained some of my appetite. Now my weight is back up to 173 lbs and I have more energy.

However, my mother believes differently. She looks at my eyes and says that I’m still not getting enough sleep. But when my body fat is low, my face always looks different. She even insisted that I smoke marijuana to help me sleep; I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. I was shocked that she mentioned it because I don’t believe in taking medicine; I feel that my body will heal itself. I don’t take medicine for colds, allergies, or even headaches and I don’t plan on starting. Eight hours of sleep is all I need.

Of course if I did decide to try pot, I wouldn’t be the first bodybuilder to do it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Pot in "Pumping Iron"
Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Pot in "Pumping Iron"
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Today
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Today

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  1. Peter Le,
    Mom in your case does NOT know best.Tell yr MOM she’ll pay a terrible price over time,,, sleeping pills have a cumulative aspect (over time) to them that not 2 many people think about(over the long term)’s NOT a good short term solution.You -of all people- should know the human body responds best to regularity..This does NOT have 2 mean “dullsville”. There are natural means to get the brain to slow down, and eventually surrender to the natural narcosis that hte brain will secrete in its own due time…try 1)..Transcendental meditation first, this takes time + effort…2) self hypnosis, it is NOT hard to learn..-takes discipline.. If you STILL have difficulty falling asleep, you will be much better off trying LIQUID Melatonin.(20 min prior 2 going 2 bed)’s the natural hormone that -as you age- diminishes in the human NOT overuse melatonin-like all else….moderation is important…I konw @yr age, if 1 drink is good, then….more is better….NOT SO..and U all know it..Peter LE, stay TRUE 2 Mother Nature, your DNA has intrinsic intelligence to regulate your life cycle, if ONLY yu will take the time to study yr whole persony Physical + psychological+emotional they are all intertwined…U just MUST appoint yourself the cop 2 do the regulating….Best wshes for good karma…Yr fan…Pete

  2. If I gave away my pillows, and my very comfortable bed.. and tried to sleep on a cheap air mattress.. I’d quickly be sleep deprived too. Not very smart of you Peter.

    • pot is not a drug… It is an herb given to us by nature herself. I always sleep amazingly when I smoke a bowl

  3. hey pete
    i see youve donated all that furniture u bought from us. haha ,dunno if u remember or not.
    and i say try the herb as a nightcap. youll sleep like a baby
    good luck with everything man

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