2010 Muscle and Fitness Model Search

I Need You – Again!

I know I posted this last month, but then I realized I sent it out to everyone on the last day for voting. So they started taking votes for the new contest today and I would really appreciate your help in voting for me and getting the word out to your friends to vote for me. You have my permission to REPOST this BLOG 🙂

Muscle & Fitness Photo

It’s time for the 2010 Muscle and Fitness Male Model Search. I need your vote to win first place! All you do is click on this link and vote for me:

You can find me in the middle of the page under Peter L.

Vote for Peter Le

Select the circle next to my name, go to the bottom of the page, and click on Enter My Vote

Vote for Me

After you vote, go back and check out some exclusive photos by clicking View My Gallery

Muscle & Fitness Contestant Info

Thank you for so much. Please tell your friends. And vote often!

Much love,

– Peter

Written by PeterFever


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    • Peter, are we allowed to only vote one time per computer? I went back today to vote for you again (on the same laptop as the first time I voted) and your picture isn’t even included with the rest of the contestants.

  1. peter. all we need to do is click your name and click vote right? me and all of my friends did it. good luck to you. I want you to win. Make us proud of you ok. love you.

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