Sucker For Door To Door Sales

Door to door sales “students” get me every time. I know they all have the same basic sales pitch, but I still fall for it. These days I normally have students knocking on my door asking me to buy something from their catalog or a magazine subscription to help their school or so they can go on a class trip, or even support them through college.

It always starts out something like this, “I got your neighbors to buy this from me and I only need a few more sales to put me over the top. The problem is, this is the last day I have to make any new sales and the contest is over. So do you think you can just get a magazine subscription from me?” Needless to say, I have a ton of magazines I never have time to read, getting delivered and filling up my mailbox. At least it’s not a total waste, I found friends that enjoy most of the magazines, so now I drop them off when I get the new issues.

Video from "How to Sell a House" on
Video from "How to Sell a House" on

When I was in middle school, I use to do door to door sales with a classmate. The days would be long with the sun beating on our backs and it was so disappointing when people slammed their doors in our faces. All I ever wanted to do was earn enough points to win a bike.

So I guess that’s why I’m a sucker for students at my door. I think back to all of those doors being slammed in my face and I can’t disappoint any of those kids. As an adult it is a lot easier to be rejected and I don’t have any problems turning away adults who come to my door selling their goods. But kids take rejection more personally. I feel that even something as insignificant as purchasing a magazine subscription may help boost these kids confidence in themselves. But there is one thing that I really wish would happen soon, please start selling something other than magazines, I don’t need anymore!

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  1. Oh how I hated selling things for school fundraisers! We often had to sell candy bars, and for one club we sold advent calendars. But the best was when we were raising money for marching band trips … we sold boxes of fruit! Now there’s something unique that everyone actually needs!

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