I Sabotage My Relationships

I’m no different than everyone else, I don’t like getting hurt. When I start feeling comfortable with someone, I look for reasons why this is not the right person. Most of the time it’s stupid thoughts that run through my mind like: this person is not the right height; they didn’t give me the response I wanted; they dress a little weird. I know I sound vain, but I haven’t found ‘the one’ who is perfect for me. I need someone who is not only physically attractive, but more importantly challenges me intellectually. You might look good, but if you are dumb as a stump, there is no chance of a lasting relationship with me (of course sex is still acceptable).

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It’s funny but many people are wrong in their assumptions when they see a good looking couple together. I’ve been told, “Hey you two are so hot, you make the perfect together, you are so lucky.” But most of the time the reality is just the opposite. Most of the hot people I meet have so many insecurities, it is crazy. I can’t deal with crazy very long, so those relationships are short lived. My theory is that most hot people have been told they were beautiful their entire lives and always assured they could do anything they want. These same people assumed they could just capitalize on their looks, so they never developed much of a personality and didn’t bother to study very much in school. Remember the hot looking high school jock, who knew how to play their sport well, but failed all of their classes? Those are the people I’m talking about.

As I’ve said before, I can read people fairly quickly. Chemistry is important when looking for a partner, but sometimes those who you don’t have chemistry with make great friends. But I have to say that I find intelligence a very attractive attribute. Who knows, maybe the perfect person is just around the corner. I guess I just have to keep looking, but I also have to remember to give people a chance.

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    • I don’t think Peter is pretentious.. he could easily pretend to be more than he is.. and have more than he does.. and he doesn’t do that. But he is shallow.. lots of young adults his age are.. they’re very self-centered, and kinda selfish, and demanding. Peter is searching for.. and trying to live a meaningful and spiritually rewarding life. But gay lifestyles aren’t particularly known for their positive potential. And career bodybuilding isn’t known to stimulate a person’s intellectual development, or expose it’s devotees to a wide variety of spontaneous and diverse life experiences.

  1. Hey Peter:

    Can I be honest with you since you somewhat put yourself out there?.. There are many good looking people who do have a lot of insecurities whereas people on the outside and looking from the physical do feel that they have it going on. However, I kind of figured from your previous blog posts that you were somewhat of a selfish person whom looks out for himself. With that being said, your analogy for protecting yourself from being hurt, I can’t agree because just like you go through the formalities of guarding your heart, has it ever occurred to you the impact or effect that you leave upon the other person that’s involve?..and that its not all about you??…To conclude..I personally feel that you need to take a good perspective on yourself before you even attempt to try to get involved with anyone else and get those imperfections in order first. Otherwise, you will never have a long standing will always be viewed as a sex romp because of the outer physical..not the inner..Think about it??..Not trying to cruel..just being for real..

  2. Dont’ worry! ~Even the sun will die!~ …NOW! 🙂

    By the way, do you have any idols yourself?
    Suppose you found that witty person of your dreams, but the next day you’re gonna drop that person because of height or dressup -- isn’t that a contradiction?

    Hey, let’s go shopping, you’ll have to wear whatever I pick out! -- Ok, but you know, your dancing sucks, I’ll teach you, right here!~Perfect~ Love!. (^_^)
    …and later that night, you two go to bed and do your chemistry, of course…
    Wish you good luck!! (^.^)

  3. Yeah without a good personality, the chemistry that we try to build with someone will be just flat..
    We know that nobody is perfect but as u said that intelligence is one of a very attractive attribute that we need to consider in a relationship n I agree with that..:)

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