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My clients and I talk about a lot of things while I’m training them. The other day I was talking to my client, who is in his late 40’s, about sex. Jim said he prefers to be with guys in their early 20’s because he likes lean bodies and the innocence about them. He said the one thing the younger guys don’t understand is the importance of intimacy and taking one’s time.

When Jim makes love, he likes to take his time. He starts with some kissing, then foreplay, followed by intercourse, but then he wants to cuddle and kiss after. But most of the young guys he hooks up with only want to fuck and then go out. I kind of understand these guys because I’m pretty much the same, I go straight to sex, cum, and then get ready to go out. I admit it, I’ve been selfish up to now.

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Jim went on to say that after many years and many lovers, the younger generation is really missing the best part, intimate sex. He said, “Great sex happens slowly. Both of you should enjoy each stage of sex. Nothing should be rushed; after all it’s not about the destination (cuming) but the journey.”

So I learned something new, by taking my time and not rushing things, sex can be even more enjoyable and incredible for both of us. No one really likes quickies all the time because then they just feel used and cheap. A lot of what he said ties into what I’m reading in the Multi Orgasmic Man as well as some other books I’ve been reading. I definitely want to take my sexual experience to a higher level for both me and my partners. Now I just need to start practicing this. Any volunteers? I promise I’ll be gentle.

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  1. What a lot of comments after that article, that invitation and that fantastically teasing picture. No surprise there and, yes, I agree with Jim and would be glad to offer you my many years of experience but I reckon I’d be at the back of a long long line.

  2. Sounds like fun, Im all about taking time and enjoy myself. Yeah I know im young and I accept the fact that though I cant find what I want ( a man) right now In my life. That I will find him some day and show him compassion, sensual lust, and more….someday

  3. Oh..and btw..I also like experimenting with syrups (chocolate) and fruit perserves..because they stick feel me??..and fruit eating lotions as makes it more exciting and fun…try it sometime…u will LIKE IT!!!!

  4. I agree totally with Jim..I have always hung out with older people even when I was in my teens..and I an older boyfriend when I was just 19 yrs. old. Thereffore, I learned the importance of taking time to explore the pleasures of intimate sex. Because I come from good genetics, I don’t look my age at all..and then I’ve been doing the gym thing since I was 20 yrs. old. But, a few years ago, I was pursuaded into having sex with a hot young man who was in the closet, and yet, upon his initiation, we had sex and afterwards, this guy had fallen in love with me because he revealed that he had never had sex like was always get mine, cum and go…btw..Peter..If I volunteer, would I enjoy it???…or would I be PISSED…LOL…

  5. hi peter. that exactly what i like. i like to take time for sex. not just go to bed then finished in second. i really like the story. i want to practice with you.

    by the way you are a very very cute and the best of the asian looking.

  6. Hahaha! That’s the last thing you should ask. You’ll be spammed soon by tons of people who want to get at that body of yours. And I am proud to say I’m a 21 year old youth who enjoys intimate sex to the fullest. Quickies just dont do it for me at all. Gotta have that connection and build-up

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