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I love text messaging my friends because it gets to the point without delay between dialing the number, listening to their ring-tone, waiting for them to answer the phone, and then getting their voice-mail half the time. At first I never really got the idea of having a conversation through text messaging; it felt impersonal because it lacks expression through our voice.

Back in the day, ok like 8 years ago, I use to love talking to people in person because I had a better sense of their reaction and how smoothly the conversation was heading. It wasn’t tough to find the time to meet with friends for coffee and cool places to hang out at because this was back in college.

From the "Graffiti" Photo Gallery on
From the "Graffiti" Photo Gallery on

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Once mobile phones became a necessity, using it was easier for me to keep up with multiple people at once while I was in a different part of town. I felt connected even though I was physically disconnected. And then came text messaging. I was looking through my text messages today and realized it took me more time to text what I was saying then just taking a minute to call that person.

I think we are so self-involved in our lives that we forget ask each other, “How are you doing?” When I call people I always ask how they are doing or what’s going on with their lives, but with text messaging we don’t do that anymore. It seems to me that all the messages I get seem like a business conversation, brief and to the point. I wonder what other technology is going to replace text messaging. Will it go even further making our communications less personal or will it force us to really connect with people again? What do you think?

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