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YouTube – Who’s Eating Me?

From "Yellow Background" Photo Gallery on
From "Yellow Background" Photo Gallery on

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Ok, I have bumps around my next and I’m trying to figure out who’s eating me? Find out in this PeterFever update.

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  1. Now that’s informative! 😉
    that moment where you take off your shirt and come all close to adjust the camera -- a little more and the video would have to be x-rated…yep! 🙂
    I got bumps and pimples once from sleeping on a friend’s towel after shaving. Oh, well, you probably don’t shave…your neck…^^;

  2. Hey Peter, is there any way I can become a member by phone from the UK? (You’re quite popular on this side of the pond!) Whenever I use my credit card it says that I cannot subscribe since I’m not on US Soil, however, subscribing by phone is usually better and can work worldwide… Please tell me how to subscribe! I really want to subscribe, money is no issue. Thanks! (btw I’m also on Facebook if you wanna send me a message regarding this) =D hope to hear from you soon!

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