Anyone Looking for a Gigolo?

Pete Physique Getting Ready to Train
Pete Physique Getting Ready to Train

I train at the gayest gym in the Bay Area. Since 2006 and I’ve heard and seen many things firsthand. My clients have told me stories that in the past you could find postings on Craigslist where guys where looking to hook up in the shower there. A couple of weeks ago two guys were jerking each other off, while a third guy watched.

Bodybuilders like to pose in the locker room when they are preparing for a show or checking themselves out after a workout. I must admit, I do that sometimes too. I like to see how my muscles look when blood rushes to certain areas of my body while I’m still in the excited state from pumping iron.

Pete Physique Working Out
Pete Physique Working Out

But it was definitely funny what happened the other day. I walked into the men’s locker room to pee and I noticed a guy flexing in the mirror naked; nothing new. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that he had a full erection; you couldn’t miss it he was hung like a horse. I found out later that this guy was actually a gigolo and this is how he decided to advertise himself. This was certainly a different way to advertise, but it didn’t last long because someone reported him a couple of days later and his membership was revoked.

I guess the moral of the story is…actually I don’t have one this time, I just thought it was worth sharing.

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  1. Hey Pete ! Poor guy losing his membership. You could give him lessons on how to share his goodies with a world-wide audience of guys who go to sleep dreaming of you. Maybe the point is that he’s one of those saddoes who gets off on himself -- their mirrors always need cleaning and polishing !

  2. That’s hilarious that someone complained & he got his membership revoked… at the same time, that sucks to be him. He was just posing with an erection… a huge one. They were probably just jealous. Sad. Oh well. Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. Hi Peter… I love your blog pictures… you look so cute and handsome! love you, my cutie idol hehehe… I have a question for you: Have you ever dream of something while you’re sleeping, Peter?

  4. thats funny:)
    (peter pls. reply on my comment) when will you do live chat and when will you make a new video of you cumming?:)hehe btw im from the philippines if you have time try to visit here you have many fans here like me who are dying to see you in person..youre such an inspiration on our lives always remember that we are just here to support you on everything that you do..thank you:)

  5. Hey, you are so proud of yourself. That is why I want to be like you. But sometimes, I feel you would be more modest , which makes you perfect. The point is….you are on the way to be big talent or not.

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