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I think it is time to get cable internet for my house. I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but I can’t get all my work done at the time I want. Most people ask, “How the hell do you run multiple internet businesses without internet at home?” But you see I try to keep everything simple. I only buy things that I need or that have long-term value.

My mobile phone has long-term value because I use it for calling, texting, and email. It’s not a smart phone so I can’t read long emails and it takes a while to load my messages, but it works. I haven’t switched to the Droid or iPhone because I want a phone with a full keyboard where I actually press buttons; not a touch screen.

For daily tasks like my blog and social networking that requires my laptop, I use the free Google WiFi in my neighborhood. It’s not the greatest because the signal goes in and out, but it’s free. When I need a faster connection I either go to Starbucks or the local library.

I use to pay for internet, but when I decided to become a minimalist, I stopped the service. Some of my friends say I’m cheap, my manager says I’m nuts, but I prefer the term ‘creative’. I can’t justify paying $720 a year or $60 a month if I only need high-speed internet around an hour a day.

After months of hearing people complain, my manager finally gave me a reasonable excuse by saying, “You can write-off the bill as a business expense.” So now I have internet once again, but I find myself working more because of it. Sometimes technology is a good thing, other times it is an expensive pain in my butt. What did you think I was going to say was a pain in my butt? 🙂

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  1. This era has taught us that humans are badly designed to cope with abundance… I love your physique because there is nothing superfluous to it; you are strong, but balanced. With your minimalist mindset and all, your body must be very happy to have you as its owner! 🙂
    Please stay hard and quirky, keep being a pain in the butt for your surroundings! It’s the friction that brings about the excitement in life… 😉

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