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Athlete Ass – New PeterFever Video Released

It’s time for my workout. Of course this includes not only keeping my arms, legs, and chest in shape, but also my ass. That’s why I’m an Athlete Ass.

"Athlete Ass" Only on
"Athlete Ass" Only on

My ass must be stretched thoroughly. My butthole gets too tight and I need help loosening it up. Is there anyone out there willing to help me?

"Athlete Ass" Only on
"Athlete Ass" Only on

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Love this latest vid, Peter. Keep em coming! Can we see you actually play with your ass more though? Would love to see you use a dildo or other toy. Surely Im not the only one who would love to see that!

    • i would be dying to see a video of Peter stuffing some dildos or real cock in his ass… that would be extremely hot,….

    • Some dildos? How many do you think I can fit at once, lol? Maybe I will wait until I come out with my own dildos, then I can fuck myself 🙂

  2. *Sighs* Such a BEAUTIFUL ass and a BEAUTIFUL hole. 🙂 “Is there anyone out there willing to help me?” I’M WILLING to help you Peter! 😀

    Now on your back Peter,legs in the air and let me take care of that tight hole for you! 😉 Hehehe!

    • Try using the 480P version. If your internet connection is slow, click play, then pause the video for 30 seconds so it has time to buffer. Then click play again and it should work fine.

  3. This just made my brain explode, I’m loving all the focus on your ass in the latest videos but this one is beyond words. Looks like you shaved your hole for us too! So fucking hot!

  4. You know, I was in the grocery store last night and I was compelled to buy a jar of the new Smuckers product of Orange Marmalade. Now, I know why…I have your name labeled on the jar waiting to be smeared all over that hole of yours with my tongue making you squirm with pleasure…especially with that second pic (Exhale)..speaking of loosening up ur ass…perhaps I should send u a pic of what I’m working with and let u decide if it’s worthy of doing the job…

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