White Lies Are Ok

Why do people always ask me to guess their age? I mean, how am I supposed to respond to the question? People don’t really want to hear the truth anyway; otherwise they wouldn’t ask me in the first place. They would rather you tell a ‘white lie’ and say they look young when they don’t. I’m pretty good at guessing peoples ages too, so I’m always put in a bad spot.

I was out at a bar the other night and this guy came up to me and his opening line was, “How old do you think I am?” I’m more critical when it comes to guessing a guy’s age because women are more sensitive. I look at the fine details like wrinkles under the neck and on the back of the hands, grey hair, and creases when the person smiles. I figured he was in his late 30’s but I said 31. He was excited to tell me 38.  Sometimes I don’t feel like playing and I will tell them what I actually think and guys normally brush it off.

Taking a Break to Answer Fan Email
Taking a Break to Answer Fan Email

Women on the other hand don’t brush off a close guess well. I can understand that because they spend more time and money on beauty products and make-up, and then they take hours to put everything on. This one MILF came up to me in the gym and asked me to guess her age; I said early 40’s when she was obviously close to 50. She seemed so much happier the rest of the time I saw her walking around the gym. I knew if I had guessed it right, she would have felt awful for the rest of the day and I didn’t want that on my conscious.

I think that telling a white lie when it comes to guessing a person’s age is much better than disappointing them with the truth. And I believe that if people believe they look younger, they will actually feel and act younger.

Written by PeterFever


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    • William
      MILF = Mother I’d like to fuck (thanks Anonymous)

      Brush it off = When you don’t let people or things affect you, your mood, or your decision. So I’m basically saying that guy CAN brush it off but most women CANNOT which causes a change in their mood.

      Bad spot = A situation that makes you feel uncomfortable because you may hurt someone’s feelings or you feel awkward having to make a decision.

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