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Love Note on My Car

My Parking Ticket
My Parking Ticket

These kinds of love notes I can do without.

Take a look at the video.

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  1. Awww…dude!!..I agree with the person who said that its better to plead guilty than to really fight the ticket. If I can share a little story with you in this regard, I can recall when I was stopped one morning for trying to dodge a van that was driven by a driver that appeared to intoxicated because they were swirling back and forth from the right and left lanes. To my surprise, the police pulled me over and let the drunken driver get away. They even embarrassed me by talking loudly through a speaker horn and instructed me to get out of my car and put my hands on the roof. While the other officers were checking me out through the system, one particular cop came over to chat with me and then asked me to follow him to the side of the department store building where they had stopped me and then he proposed that if I perform sexual favors on him, that he would make sure that the ticket and the charges would be erased. He kept insisting on me doing this, and wanted to make sure that the address on my license was the correct one. Fortunately, it was not the correct info because I had moved a few months prior to this incident. Therefore, because of not complying to this, I was scheduled to appear in court and the officer was there, and he was giving me some nasty looks and approached the judge with a bunch of lies, and guess what???..I was in a jail cell for a couple of hours until the lieutenant came by and saw me and questioned why I was in a jail cell, and summoned the officer on hand to let me go. With that being said…police officers stick together and would go against you if you fought them on something like this…

    • Wow, JW, that is a crazy and scary story. I can’t imagine being harassed like that. It kind of reminds me of what happened in that movie “Crash” where the cop was feeling up the guy’s wife. There are a lot of fucked up people in this world, but it really is bad when someone in power is abusing their position like this. I do feel for you and thanks so much for sharing your story.

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