A Day without Your Phone

Losing your phone is like putting your life on hold or so I thought. I recently left my phone at home when I rushed out for a meeting in the city. At first I was stressed because people couldn’t get in touch with me. But then I realized how enjoyable it was not having my phone around. By the end of the day I made the decision to “forget” my phone at home at least once a week so I could have some ME time and just enjoy the time away from being connected.

What do you think? Can you handle not having your phone with you for an entire day?

From "Peter's Pissed Off!" video on
From "Peter's Pissed Off!" Video on

Written by PeterFever


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  1. I thought I can’t leave my phone..because actually I always go alone. So my smartphone is my best frien. I can chat, browse, googling something.. But not for calling. Good to know that you can arrage ur schedule and feeling peace and concentrate without phone. Goodluck peter.

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