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PeterFever’s Temperature Taken

I recently did an interview with Kevyn on You should check out the full story at; here is a snippet:

Who is Peter Le and where has he been all of my life? If they ever start mass producing men like they do with this man, you can bet I would sell my unborn baby to a cult to be the first in line to get one.  I recently had the pleasure (and how pleasurable it was) to interview the all American-Vietnamese Peter Le, who has been making headlines within the LGBT and Asian-American community, as well as breaking stereotypes, barriers and my hymen.

Thanks to my good friend (who will further be known as the Blonde Ninja), I was able to sit down with Peter Le for nearly two hours, which is roughly about the same amount of time I spent on his website, Peter Fever, doing “research”.

Check out the rest of the article at

PeterFever and Kevyn
PeterFever and Kevyn

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