PeterFever Goes Camping [Photos Released]

PeterFever's Camping Trip
PeterFever's Camping Trip

I went camping this weekend at Pinnacles National Park with my buddies and met up with another group of friends there. I can’t believe we actually met up with them because it seemed like the entire trip, we all kept getting lost. On Friday we took the wrong exit and arrived at the campsite 2 hours late; we had to set up our tents in the dark. In the morning we all woke up freezing our asses off, not expecting it to get so cold during the night.

Everyone had a hangover from the night before and we decided to split up into two groups. The first group wanted to go rock climbing, but there was no way, I still felt wasted. So I went with the second group on what was supposed to be a short 4 mile hike. Needless to say we got lost again and ended up hiking over 10 miles. The sun had come up and was nice and hot, but I only brought a ½ a bottle of water because I thought it was going to be a quick trip in the cold morning air. I was so dehydrated when we got back to camp but we didn’t have any water left only beer. As you can only guess, I had an even bigger handover this morning.

Well here are the photos I promised, enjoy.

[cincopa A8NAkmaEExUY]

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  1. hey Peter, im such a huge fan. Im going camping with my friends very soon and i hope its gonna be fun. Since you’ve gone camping before, any tips for me? Its gonna be my first.

  2. Dang! I need to check your site more often. I was rock climbing in Pinnacles that weekend and it would have been awesome to have met you… or even better -- to have taken you on a climb. 🙂
    Love your physique dude!

  3. peter, ur still and always #1 😉

    i have a ton of comments and questions for u about asian porn, which i can’t get enough of.

    is it ok if i post them here. i’m interested in ur hearing them, even if u don’t want to comment on all of them or any of them….


  4. Hi Peter, great photos ! scenery US the piace is very good ! you’ll remember bring a blanket or sleeping bag for next time ! 🙂

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