It’s Funny and Interesting YouTube Day

Today is funny and interesting YouTube video day. I was looking at stuff on YouTube and came across a guy who kept farting and kept me laughing, another guy who was overjoyed that he saw a double rainbow, one of the tunes that stuck in my head after a house got broken into, a interesting twist on chopsticks, and time-lapse photography made into a very cute video.

But I know I’m not the only one out there who watches YouTube; send me links to videos you like in the comment section below. And now, check out these videos:

The Pooter

Utter Joy Over a Double Rainbow. “What does this mean?”

Bed Intruder Song – This turned out to be huge!

How to Use Chopsticks – Clever

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Don’t know if this fits, but in this film from 2003, ‘Running On Karma’, HongKong has found an easy solution to the asian image: no stupid training and sweating to earn your muscles, just put your main actor in a tailored whole-body suit and hope nobody notices! no joke!!
    (skip the indian…) Dancing, Fighting, Nudity, even Pro-Competition -- that’s all Peter!! How desperate can people be?? That film allegedly got 3 Oscars -- so after K-Town….seems the world just can’t do it without you, Peter!! (°°)§

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