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YouTube Censorship Who Is To Blame [Watch Banned Video]

Below is the video that was Banned by Censors at YouTube called “Ready to Party in 5 Minutes”. They said it was “sexually provocative” and I say they are just restricting my rights like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. What is going on in the world? The world is becoming more restrictive when the Internet was supposed to be opening the world up to new ideas and ways of looking at things. You decide; is this video any different than what you would see on network TV or have seen on other YouTube channels?

"Cloaked Nude" exclusively on
"Cloaked Nude" exclusively on

This banning is just following a series of acts by many governments and private companies to limit “the peoples” access to information. It is funny because back in 2008, YouTube was awarded the Peabody Award for being “a ‘Speakers’ Corner’ that both embodies and promotes democracy.” Guess what, they are falling far short of that now.

But is YouTube the real villain in this? Maybe not. The more I looked into YouTube’s practices since their inception, I found the opposite might be true and it is actually outside pressure that is causing YouTube to look like they are implementing overly restrictive rules with Draconian-like results. I think the reality is, YouTube started with good intentions. Then Google purchased them. Since then countries like Morocco, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and China started banning YouTube. Then lawsuits by the movie industry compounded their issues regarding copyright. Privacy suits by companies like Viacom forced YouTube to release data on users and even controversial content like the 96 football fans from Liverpool being crushed to death have YouTube running scared.

So as much as I would love to blame YouTube for all these issues, the reality is they are a business and they are trying to stay in business while giving people as much as they can while limiting their liability. Let’s face it, if we were paying for YouTube we could demand more from them, but since it is free I can only complain so much. Anyway, I’m now hosting this banned video on another PAID site, so check it out and see what you think. Should this video have been banned in the first place? You decide and write back in my comments. Oh and make sure you send this video to your friends so they can decide too.

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  1. You are so hot, even your walking around in a space suit would be sexually provocative. You are SO handsome! Of couse, though, banning this video was silly.

  2. Peter Le, is hot, beautiful, handsome, sexy with a great body (understatement), they are just jealous! However, you have many who love you and follow you.. as you already know you have inspired me to get my body back in shape and I am doing it…. Go Peter Le, go…

  3. “viewer” is the one who needs to get a life.

    you never SAID you were being persecuted or that this was one of life’s most important things. just because we’re at war with libya and japan is suffering from an enormous tragedy doesn’t mean we don’t have time for anything else in our lives — whether it’s another charity or feeding the dog.

    i’m thinking that “viewer” is mr. straight and narrow in real life, but becomes as peter le freak when he sees ur hot hard body and ur sexy fine ass lol

  4. In other words youtube are hypocritical fuckheads and apply their standards inconsistently. Yes, that must be it, Viewer, that’s ok then.
    Don’t you just love the consistency applied by this idea that limitations on free speech is a good and laudable thing?

  5. You show brief glimpses of skin but its not like your cock and balls are hanging out!*lol*, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I agree too, I think Youtube’s just trying to cover their own ass. User’s advertise gay porn sites in they’re videos and thats okay!, the hypocrisy is amazing!.

  6. While I agree with some of what viewer said, your video was showing how can get ready for a party in five minutes. That’s it. I don’t understand the big deal of them banning that. There is so much other crap on YouTube that should be banned but isn’t. What’s up with that. Peter, I got your back.

  7. Peter, I think there is someone who is envious of you and is reporting your videos on youtube. Perhaps not wise, but if someone sees your video and report it as inappropriate youtube will block it immediately. Not that youtube videos as deemed inappropriate because there are videos on youtube if they are inappropriate and continue to the public.
    This is a response to some of you are big, beautiful and successful, there will always be people who envy the handsome man.


    • I will tell you the difference between that video and mine, about 9 inches. Just kidding. Seriously though, they consider that artistic and mine erotic. Again it is all subjective. Thanks for sharing great point.

  8. Your ass looks incredible in those the tight gray underwear you had on before your shower. Guess they are afraid your ass could start mass hysteria and the whole world could become a sea of cum. Your ass has power..use it wisely.

  9. it’s simple.

    ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Expression’ are not ‘absolute’ rights; meaning, there are restrictions on them.

    Youtube isn’t a government body, they’re a company like any other, and no matter how large, they decide what’s on their site -- like it or not.

    Freedom of Speech is about limits by government.

    There are real issues in the world. Don’t be so dramatic as though you are being persecuted.

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