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YouTube Says Appeal Denied

This is the email I received this morning from YouTube:

After further review of the content, we’ve determined that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision. We appreciate your understanding.

Sincerely — The YouTube Team

I love how they keep everything vague. They never tell you what “Community Guidelines” I violated nor will they go into further detail so I won’t do it again. But my guess is the Sex and Nudity guideline is what they are referring to. So let’s look at that:

Most nudity is not allowed, particularly if it is in a sexual context. Generally if a video is intended to be sexually provocative, it is less likely to be acceptable for YouTube. There are exceptions for some educational, documentary, scientific, and artistic content, but only if that is the sole purpose of the video and it is not gratuitously graphic. For example, a documentary on breast cancer would be appropriate, but posting clips out of context from the documentary might not be.

Here is a snapshot of the two seconds of video where you see a part of my ass. This is the most skin you will see in the entire 5 minutes of my video.

PeterFever Toweling Off Snapshot
PeterFever Toweling Off Snapshot

So they say sexually provocative videos are “less likely” acceptable, like this one title “Juicy Ass”?

Or this one? Both of these videos are sexually provocative and violating (musical) artist copyright.

This next video has tons of nudity. Of course the ass, cock and boobs in this video aren’t really something I would pay to see, so maybe that’s ok then.

I guess my point is there are way too many double standards on YouTube. Straight or “Normal” nudity and sexually provocative videos are the “acceptable” videos, but if they are gay or bi-sexual in nature, BAN IT! Basically, if you are going to implement a standard, it should be applied “Equally” to all videos not just straight videos. P.S. – Please do not report any of the videos I have shared with you above getting those videos removed only compounds the issue. Instead let’s get them to release the ban on my video.

For those of you who missed my video yesterday, here it is again. Compare it to the videos above and I’ll let you be the judge.

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. wow! I wish I can get a body like your body, how you can have a great body? Hope you can give me some tips about the body (exercise for body I mean)

  2. Hi Peter I congratulate you on your work is very good … not just that you’re beautiful, it is also all the effort you do … and if God gave you that virtue shall live it to the fullest, and remember that jealousy is the quality Product … I particularly admire you 1 -- and dedicated you are with your work,2-for the patience they have and 3 for being so beautiful jejejeje, my English is not very good excuse but I just wanted you to know that here’s a fan again, greetings to you and wish you a very good day …… Yery

  3. Hey Peter, yes free flow of information is fantastic and being able to connect with others makes the world smaller… and I suppose is certainly a ‘silver lining’ amidst ‘YouTube’ arrogance. Please keep up the great work. If you every come to Oz feel wlecome to say ‘Hi’

    iain 🙂 Sydney, Australia

  4. Hey Peter
    Just writing in support of you.
    There was nothing wrong with the video you posted. In fact, your posing in your cybersocket award was far more provocative!Lol
    I think the ban comes from what happens when people of poor judgement are given a little power. I wonder if they are blindfolded when they shower and dress… Ha!

    You are right to speak out… we are all right to speak out. The subjectivity of this is obvious. YouTube claims to represent a WORLDWIDE community, however the restrictions do not represent what is acceptable thoughout the world. What you show in ANY of your videos is no more or less than what any of us show or see on any beach in the world!… It’s Laughable!

    Anyway, keep up the great, inspirational work!

    iain (Sydney, Australia)

    • Thanks Iain and it is great that you are in Australia and free to see and read what I write. I love the internet and what it represents. I think we are all better off as human beings when information is allowed to flow freely.

  5. there’s nothing worse than hypocrisy — and that’s all this is.

    there is NOTHING in ur video that’s “sexually provocative,” peter. the vids of the women u posted are so much worse it’s not even worthy of discussion.

    playing the gay card? hawkster, i don’t know what the hell ur even talking about. there’s no gay card being played here at all. sites have a right to have guidelines, but censorship is wrong when it’s applied unfairly.

  6. Peter I’m sorry your appeal was denied. This is exactly what I was saying yesterday that all your video was doing was getting ready. Meanwhile, those videos above I couldn’t even watch all the way through because it really made no sense that those videos are still on but yours is not. The guideline that stood out to me the most was:

    “There are exceptions for some educational, documentary, scientific, and artistic content, but only if that is the sole purpose of the video and it is not gratuitously graphic.”

    That is exactly what your videos are educational, documentary and artistic, while those videos above and absolutely stupid, ridiculous and a complete waste of time. You’re right there has to be some equality between what people can post on YouTube. It doesn’t matter about gay or straight, what matters is what is defined as what should be banned and what shouldn’t, and your video should not have been banned.

  7. I bet if there was no music and the peter fever url was not there then it would have been fine. I think this is more about the fact that it is promoting what they would see as an adult site rather than any nudity -- let’s face there isn’t really any nudity anyway! 🙁

    • I don’t know, because all of my videos show I just wish they would come out and say why it was banned so I knew what to avoid in the future. This is like getting pulled over by a cop and given a ticket, when you ask why he responds, “Because you broke a law” and then tell you to visit the Library of Congress if you have any questions. If you are going to penalize someone, at least tell them what it was about.

  8. it’s Interesting to me that there is noone held accountable with the “YouTube Team”. That a decision, and appeal can be brushed off with no recourse or definitive answer. It makes one not want to support such a business; even though it will most likely go unnoticed.

  9. Hypocritical str8 fuckheads. It’s a complete double standard. i say, let’s report the vids with the females in it. Let’s demand consistency. I guess only vids that make your stomach churn are allowed…

    • Thanks Justin, but like I said in the article, reporting these other videos don’t help fix the issue, it only compounds the issue. What really needs to happen is everyone needs to get YouTube to see the light. But how do we do that? They don’t have a system in place for complaining about their fucked-up system. Instead, the only time they have made changes to their practices is when they are sued. So that’s why I’m suggesting that I will represent the case in court. I just need everyone’s help paying the attorney fees.

  10. It’s hypocritical crap. You can bet it’s men who are reviewing these videos for the guidelines and they will happily allow female booty and more to be shown but whooah, what’s that, a glimpse of a male posterior? No way is it gonna be allowed!

  11. I don’t think you can play the gay card with this one, Peter. You’re a porn star! That’ll be why they’re wanting you to find an alternative place for your material, I’ll bet!

    • Playing the Gay Card…interesting comment. Actually I was playing the concerned Citizen of Planet Earth Card that doesn’t like seeing his rights or anyone’s rights being eroded away. You see, every civilized society in history that changed for the worse and turned against their people always started out by banning, ostracizing, limiting the movements of, and outright isolating one or more visible groups. People like gays, Jews, Asians, Native Americans, etc. If people stand up and speak out before it gets out of control, then you have a chance. Other people just sit back and say, “Oh this can happen here” are just plain nuts! This is not just about banning my video; I don’t really care about that. It is about banning / censoring in general – the decision they made is Subjective and Selective, otherwise the other videos I pointed out would have been banned a long time ago too.

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