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Banned Again By YouTube

It is unbelievable that YouTube has banned another video of mine. This time they said my video was “sexually provocative” and would only be allowed if it were an instructional video or educational. I filed an appeal today saying it was both educational and instructional. I was showing people how to get ready to party in just five minutes. I don’t show any more than what you would see on network TV like ABC, CBS, or NBC, so why am I getting banned again? This is the third time I’ve been banned since last summer. I have won one of the appeals for “Little Cock Suckers” a video about mosquitoes eating me alive in Hawaii when I was doing a photo shoot and they cause red marks all over my cock. YouTube said “the title was provocative” and I appealed and said it was accurate, mosquitoes are little and they sucked my cock, so “Little Cock Suckers” was the perfect title. You can see it here:

There was another video that was banned that didn’t have any nudity at all, but they said it was “too provocative” again. I just don’t get it, censorship is censorship. I don’t force anyone to watch my videos, yet I have over 2.17 million views with only 50 videos on YouTube (well 49 now). That should say something; apparently people want to see these videos. So why does YouTube have such a big bug up their ass when it comes to my videos? Better yet, why are people reporting my videos as inappropriate? Someday, when I have enough money, I think I will take YouTube to court for censorship. Until then, I need you to help fund my legal aid by becoming a member of; if not for the awesome videos and photos on my site, then you should do it to help me fight against censorship and for freedom of speech for all people in the world.

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Ban this YouTube
Ban this YouTube

Written by PeterFever


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  1. peter, i also think ur vids are turned in to youtube by people who are jealous of u and who don’t like u — and that it has nothing to do with the video itself.

    i’m guessing youtube overreacts and bans just about everything turned in by any viewer.

    maybe you should try it out — find a sexy but “harmless” vid and flag it to youtube….then see if they pull it.

    in any event, everything u do just makes us want u more 😉

    • I don’t want to flag someone else’s work and get them in trouble, that would be just as bad as someone doing it to me. But I do understand what you are saying. Thanks for the support.

  2. Well problems with both arguments here. Saying this IS NOT sexually provocative is just a lie. It is what you get your jolly’s from Pete, and that is ok, but be honest about it. As for the ban, there are much worse and far more sexual videos on youtube with people making out, strippers, girls in bikinis: this is no worse than any of those, it is actually more tame.

    • Provocative is subjective. This one guy wrote me once saying he liked to have sex with hampsters, that the mere site of them drove him crazy. So then I ask you these two questions;
      1) Do we ban everything visual in the world because someone might find it provocative? Let’s face it, I turn on some people and apparently hampsters turn on others.
      2) I heard of a lot of fetishes, but a hampster?

  3. Youtube are assholes! so are some of the prudes who lurk there, I posted a video of two hunks from Corbin Fisher just posing and showing off they’re muscles yet somehow that was considered inappropriate?*lol*. There was no nudity, no sex, no kissing, nothing!. Yet it was still flagged as inappropriate!, I have a good mind to appeal!.

    • Exactly, so you know what I’m talking about. YouTube says it is socially responsible but that is totally crap. They also took down all of our advertising on YouTube even on videos they said were fine. I guess this is a penalty for speaking out against them. They said advertisers don’t like anything to do with Gay people or even Gay implied sites. Glad they are honest about being homophobic.

  4. It’s quite hypocritical that YouTube would take down your video when there are thousands of gross booty shaking videos, including women doing it in front of their kids. They do nothing about those but take down videos that str8 women and gay men like to look at? Ridiculous.

  5. You know, I really don’t get it Peter…there is a guy who is a Broadway dancer and he has posted videos of him dancing with little clothing on and also showing full ass shots, crack shots, and he also dances in flimsy pants where u can see his cock swinging around and he has also done a video of him in the bathtub and shower and he is showing pubic hair and full ass and he has yet to be banned. And there is a gay porn star who posted videos of him dancing in a thong or a towel and he has shown his ass many times. I may be jumping to assumptions here, but could it be that someone on the YouTube management staff has a problem with hot looking Asian men??…just saying…

  6. Sometimes YouTube needs to get over themselves. I love watching your videos because they are informative and educational. I learned alot of things. How to look good for a party, how to protect myself from insects, how to stay in shape, learn yoga. Thanks to you I feel better about myself and that’s the truth. If YouTube can’t see how nice and cool you really are, then they are nothing more but ” little cock suckers” to me. Be strong Peter. I have your back. Peace and love.

  7. If u put the word ” penis” in the YouTube search box u would see videos of self test for prostate cancer w the real penis showing. There r even videos of surgery of the penis and nude strikes. Maybe u should make some videos like that Peter. I think ur videos were banned bc of the way u talk Peter it’s too sexy n kinda misleading it’s hot tho love u Peter

  8. I bet if you were a half naked girl no one would bat an eye. There’s tons of videos showing barely clothed women, Strippers on poles with only pasties on and underaged girls dancing in a sexual way. Those videos get to stay up.

    Youtube doesn’t like gay men unless they are talking about celebrity fashion.

    • You are absolutely correct. It would be funny if I release the same video but edit it first with naked women running around to see if it gets banned the second time.

  9. yeah, without giving any names, it seems to be quite common for ‘dancing fitness models in towels’ to get banned or suspended by …youtube… I guess that means you are a walking sexual provocation now! Be careful not to get arrested for ‘viciously wearing boxer shorts in front of minors in public’! 🙂 A lot in youtube is about automated algorithms that ‘reflect public opinion’, and then they will argue that their services are an ‘offer’ to the public, not a duty…will you sue China for blocking anyone like you? I watched the video, it’s not explicit, but I do find it sexually ‘provocative’, and I am very glad it is. Most would flag a naked girl holding a towel, wouldn’t they? It takes a lot to be acknowleged ‘sexual’ for guys, and asians all the more, while girls are often considered sexual just by existing. Both extremes are very degrading, so please keep fighting! We want to see more of you, and we WILL! Groooaaaaaaw! 🙂

    • So you are saying I’m being recognized for successfully breaking stereotypes and showing that Asian men are hot. Then I guess I will take the ban as an honor. Still I want the video back up. Don’t like my freedom of speech and expression trampled on.

  10. Unfortunately Peter, sites like You Tube and Facebook are readily accessible by minors and there are not enough parents out there paying attention to what their children are accessing on the internet, so instead of insisting that the parents monitor or enforce some kind of blocks,it has to get turned around and make publishers like yourself out to be the bad guys. Hang in there, by the time you are rich enough to sue them it probably won’t matter or will already be resolved and there will be new issues at hand. Peace Man!

    • I totally agree with you and all my stuff is 100% RTA compliant. Basically I have software running even on my blog that blocks minors from viewing any of my content. But it doesn’t matter how much money I make, there will always be someone trying to censor or ban information, so there will always be a need for others in power or with money to stop them. That’s why I’m a supporter of the Free Speech Coalition. Yes restrict minors but don’t block adults. And in this case, don’t block me for not doing anything wrong. I know the limitations of YouTube and I respect that, but they never review reports by others saying it was indecent, they default by banning it. They told me last time they never watched the video. In my appeal I said just watch it and they ended up removing the ban. YouTube can’t keep saying they are the voice of the world just showing us what is happening when they are resticting and editing content from being shown. YouTube needs to start living up to what they purport. Thanks for the comment.

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