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Video Winner GNC Men’s Physique

I worked my ass off to win. I trained hard, stopped eating junk food, and spent hours on the Stairmaster. Now the real stress begins because I qualified for the USA competition. I compete against the best in the USA and hopefully will win a pro card. Everything is going to be ten times more intense. The competition is this July in Las Vegas; so book your tickets now so you can come out and support me. Now take a look at the video I made for you.

Pete Physique Winner of the Men's Physique Content
Pete Physique Winner of the Men's Physique Content

P.S. Sorry that last two articles were removed. My manager did it today and then called me. I guess he thought it was too controversial, I said, “That’s the point.”

Pete Physique Waving Goodbye to Fans
Pete Physique Waving Goodbye to Fans

Written by PeterFever


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    • I don’t plan to get any bigger. That’s why I compete in the Men’s Physique series which is about less about muscles and more about the look.

  1. Fun video; maybe hot messy go-go boy dancing is the key to success? Had to look up “Racism vs Stereotypes, Real or Fictional?” to see what the fuss was about — hooray for web caching. The faux-nerd pics were strangely sexy.

    • Actually I have an entire photo shoot on the faux nerd that will be coming out soon. I wasn’t sure if people would like it or not.

  2. you are very ambitious and have great respect towards your audience and community. Who doesn’t like that? How exciting that you do take the challenges and always aim for the best! Haha, how funny, banned by daddy!? Peter’s so ~hot~, he just gotta get spanked once in a while… 😉 hmmm, what a great idea for a video…. ^^!

  3. Your manager is a fascist fuck, and clearly, is more worried about fame than the ideals of a free, democratic society. I’m sure he’ll read this before you do, Peter, but your manager will be the end of you. You can apologize for your manager all you want, but until you, as the subject of this blog, reinstate those articles in good faith, you’re both on the same sinking boat. With a manager like that, I’ll make sure neither of you succeed.

    • @Fellow Asian -- It appears you have a lot of issues with just about everyone. My manager’s job is to look out for me and do what he feels is in my best interest. It sounds like you have a lot of trust issues with people in general. He is not just my manager but my friend. He worked with me for a long time with getting paid a single penny because he believed in me. And now it is my turn to believe in him and trust him.

    • @ Peterfever. To be fair, I just have a problem with your spectacular turd of a show

    • Listen Yuri, I don’t really care what think of the show or me; I choose to focus on positive things in life. This is my last communication with you.

  4. Congrats- you have been working hard and deserve to win for your training and dedication- best of luck to you for the next round. July will be here sooner than you know. Keep making us proud!!! XOX <3 🙂

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