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New Hot Video Release – Peter Le in “Winter Solstice”

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter, you don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable just to make others happy. I know it’s a big step for you, and you want to satisfy us (your fans) but it shouldn’t have to come down to point where you are uncomfortable. If anything, I personally think there’s nothing wrong with doing solo scenes. I’m okay with it. I respect that. You deserve to have comfort, happiness, and respect. That’s what really matters in the end. (^_^)

    P.S. I loved the stonewashed look that Guy gave you. He did an amazing job. (As always).

  2. Hi peter!

    I would like to ask why you always do solo? do you have plans to make a video fucking other hot boys or somebody giving you a blow job? thanks.

  3. Hi Peter, Được biết Peter gốc Việtnam, hy vọng Peter sẽ đọc, hiểu và answer me. Tôi hiện sống tại VN và tôi là gay. Tôi đã được xem một vài masturbation clip của Peter và tôi rất thích vì nó nhẹ nhàng và không thô bạo như sex Tây. And Peter có body đẹp và baby face. I love you so much. Peter có thể cho phổ biến rộng rãi hơn các sex clip của Peter cho người ở VN coi không? Vì ở bên này khó có điều kiện về tiền bạc và máy móc để xem đầy đủ cho thõa mãn. Thanks

  4. you are too perfect in look, body,cock size and talking. i love you . how the charge to join as menber ?. what i can see there. i just only want to see is you

  5. Do you consider doing porn with someone else? That would be really really hot. Either he would be another hot asian or not. 🙂 i really want to see you in action with someone else. 🙂 By the way, I am Filipino. 🙂

  6. verry good ! em la 1 fan ham mo cua anh o Viet Nam,em thay rat tu hao vi 1 nguoi Chau A ma thanh cong tren dat nuoc khac va dat biet la cac nuoc Chau My.Chuc anh thanh cong tren con duong su nghiep cua minh,luc nao cung co 1 fan o Viet Nam luon luon ung ho anh.Good Luck.

  7. Peter, can we have more pics and videos focussing more on your gorgeous butt and asshole (please DON’T SHAVE)? Just for these few months, can you let your armpit, pubes and asshole hairs grow out naturally? I would love to see clear bright shots of that cute butthole between those sexy buns of yours.

  8. Peter,
    I am so excited for what’s cumming soon.Could u let us know how it’s gonna be like. I imagine there’s got to be lot of cute boys wanna participate on your film!! Please keep me update, Buddy=)
    Love you very muchhhhhh
    GQ A Thai fan

  9. I wonder if there’ll be some guy-on-guy action on Peter’s site sometime soon 🙂 … Peter must know some gorgeous and hung guy who’d be willing to deprive him of his on-screen virginity, while the cameraman zooms in from behind and films it in hot and sexy close-up 🙂

    • Funny you ask about another guy, because some big changes will be happening over the next 2 months. BIG CHANGES. But you will have to just wait and see what’s cumming!

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