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Went to See Captain America

Watching Captain America with my Nephew
Watching Captain America with my Nephew

I went to see Captain America last night with my nephew. My nephew has always thought of me as a super hero, so I figured I’d take him to see what was supposed to be the new action flick. About five minutes into the movie, my nephew fell asleep! I totally understand why; it was boring. When I go to see an action movie, I want to see action not listen to a lot of talking. This movie was 90% talk and 10% action. Actually, the preview summed up all the action in the entire move. I think I should have my own action movie. And instead of having a fancy costume, I’m going to fight the bad guys shirtless. Fuck yeah, PeterFever strikes again!


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  1. Hey Mr. Fever, Captain America along with a lot of Marvel flicks out there are actually trying to design the human brain to think. Which I think I like them doing. I do agree that Super Hero movies need the right amount of balance of action and talking, and Captain America was more 90% talk and 10% action. If they are going to do sequels of Captain America, I am sure its giong to have a lot more action since this was purely an introduction flick as to how and why he became Captain America and the hero he was. I’d say once it comes out on DVD look at it again, cause it was an alright film. Also your chest is way better than Chris Evans 😛

  2. I see good looks runs in your family Peter. Both of you look real handsome together. That’s nice you spend time with your family. What a great guy.

  3. Hi Peter, I predict by 2012 someone will hire you to be in an action super hero movie and you will have an action figure doll available for all. I can hardly wait to have my own personal action figure Peter Fever! Taking your nephew out is so classy. You rock Peter!

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