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432 PeterFever Dildos and Counting

From "Cloaked Nude" on
From "Cloaked Nude" on

A few days ago, I asked all of you if I started selling a dildo molded after my cock, would you buy it. So far I have received an overwhelming number of people saying they would by it, 432 and counting.

But now I’m curious, what other items would you like to see me sell? Write in the comments below. Also take the poll if you haven’t already.

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From "Jeans and Cap" on
From "Jeans and Cap" on


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  1. Maybe you can demonstrate on cam for your fans exactly how this dildo will work 🙂 … oh, and will it be battery operated? … ie: with three settings: mild, strong and OMG 🙂

  2. Hey Peter,

    Guys will go crazy to buy a Peter Fever dildo. Great idea. But, the reason why you are sexy is the words and personality you have. That’s why we love you. The dick and the body are only a bonus. But, yes, I’ll buy the dildo! But, I’d also like a Peter Fever ass! All the best

  3. regarding 432 PeterFever Dildos and Counting
    well am sure theres a demand for a nice dildo of ur ur cock -and a bet a fuckable ass would sell as well. Shame ur never in UK as often thought how good ur body would work for a life casting (see my site lol) always nice to work a well defined body for a piece. you should check out the work of a US fella Philip Hitchcock Designs, he’s prob best life caster in the world and a true artist, an if u do come to UK drop me a line 😉

  4. Hi Peter,

    I have no idea. I’m waiting for your dildo and of course the videos of the making and your test in the adult section even if it must be weird to be fucked by your own cock. But with a such butthole and dick how can’t you try it.

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