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What is a Gym Bunny?

Peter at the Gym
Peter at the Gym

I recently heard of the term Gym Bunny from a blog. At first I was thinking about a female playboy models, who’s obsessed with training in the gym, but when I looked up the word on it says, “A gay man who spends an obsessive amount of time in the gym working on sculpting his body — not for health reasons — only to show it off in a club or on the beach.”

I thought my gym was filled with gym rats, but now I have a better understanding that my gym is filled with gym bunnies. Most of the men who train there, spend most of their time watching and talking to other members. They spend an hour exercising and the other two hours chatting.

I have to give them credit; they are the most fashioned minded men in the gym wearing things like tight biker shorts, to half cut off shirts. They definitely got my attention.

2011 USA Men's Physique
2011 USA Men's Physique

Written by PeterFever


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  1. Peter: beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe you. Not only your body drives me insane, but your whole attitude is hot. Love your photo, especially that criminal bulge!

  2. Omg…a shout out from Peter…..I love it….not hiding….my new years resolution is to be happy all the time ….btw….you make me happy…will comment more.;)

  3. Wouah ! Peter, tu parles français !!! et très bien !!! Quand parles tu français dans une vidéo ? 😉

    Quand fais-tu un voyage en France ? Tes fans t’attendent en France : Paris t’attend !!

    Bonne Année Peter !!

    • Joël, en fait, je triche et utiliser Google Translate. Je voudrais pouvoir parler français. Peut-être que si je vais là quelqu’un, tu pourrais être mon traducteur?

  4. I love your shorts….and yes…you are the most beautiful cause I know you and know how you treat people….so wonderfully….you are so beautiful inside…..I’m always so proud of you. Happy new year.

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