Cut or Uncut – Who Enjoys Sex More?

So who do you think has better feeling sex, a guy who is cut (circumcised) or a guy who is uncut? It’s hard to determine since most circumcisions take place right after birth. The only people who can truly judge this are guys who were circumcised later in life and had sex before they were circumcised and then again later after getting cut.

A buddy of mine recently told me he wasn’t circumcised until he was 24. I didn’t care why, all I wanted to know was if the sex was any different. He said that sex is better now that he is circumcised, because his cock is more sensitive. So that got me thinking, I wonder if I should get cut. What do you guys think is sex better cut or uncut? And do you think I should get circumcised?

Cut or Uncut?
Cut or Uncut?

Written by PeterFever


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  2. I’d love to see you get cut, Peter. I prefer circumcised penises because they look like they’re naked all the time. The head is the best part so they just look even more perfect when it’s constantly exposed and on show, instead of hiding away behind some skin.

    Cut Asian men are a beautiful thing, and there just aren’t enough of them in the world.

  3. Peter -- I am still hoping you will get cut.
    Your cockhead looks so gorgeous with the nasty foreskin pulled back! It would be absolutely beautiful fully circumcised! Please tell us when and I would love to be present. It’s a simple procedure.

  4. I lovvve foreskin and wish I still had mine. It may have been more sensitive for him at first but with tim the glans get less sensitive otherwise you’d have a boner all day from clothes rubbing. I’d take an uncut guy over a cut one any day of the week

  5. Hey Peter -- I think it is so hot when a guy is man enough to get rid of the wad of babyfat at the end of his cock by getting cut.
    I was cut at birth and later started to stretch what little skin was left until I could cover the head when soft. for a while I thought this was the way to be. Now I really admire cut cock and may get a recirc to tighten things up.
    Many uncut guys have told me what they hate most about foreskin is the smell after only a couple of hours covered. It is is not always possible to wash frequently and spontaneous sex can be a bit of a disaster with unpleasant smell.
    With a tightly cut cock many guys say erections are more intense, often more rock hard (yay for cut top guys) and can shoot farther too! Otheres report being horny more often -- not so bad!
    Optics are also a consideration for many -- looks good soft, not so much like an anteater.
    Peter, it’s your body -- go for it!
    Please take lots of before and after pics! Email me personally -- lots of experience!

  6. Hi Peter

    It’s really a hard question. I’m uncut , but I like look of cut (showing the glans). So since about age of 20, I started pulled down my foreskin myself daily (showing the glans all day long) it was pain as my glans was very sensitive , but after a month , I get used to it. Further , after sex, my foreskin can finally be “shorten” and my glans can now show naturally as “cut”. Now , I’m uncut but look like cut. And I do prefer cut-look , cleaner and better sex experience! You may have a try , no harm and costless.

  7. Peter…please don’t.

    Anatomically, you remove the most sensitive parts of the penis: the foreskin, the frenulum, and the ridged band. These contain thousands of nerve cells that you would be removing!!! Without them, tell me how is it more sensitive?? From that perception it’s not!!! The glans after awhile will become desensitized due to not being covered by the foreskin, and eventually you will have to rely on pressure to gain pleasure instead of a simple touch. You could also have problems with discomfort with your clothing, and can even lead to your glans becoming keratinized due to the removal of the lubricating mucosal tissue and constant rubbing against clothing. Please do not make a hasty decision because someone told you to! If there is nothing wrong with your penis -- you have no reason to remove the foreskin!!! It can only create risky medical complications.

  8. You do not need to shear the wrapper, because your wrapper has not surpassed the normal length. Needs to shear the wrapper is because the wrapper surpasses the normal length, easy to hide the bacterium, must therefore shear the wrapper

  9. Peter, I have known a couple of guys who were cut later in life rather than as an infant. From what they told me the recovery was rather painful. From what I have seen you do not have a problem with infection or keeping clean so there really is no reason to do it. Ultimately it is your choice

  10. I would imagine cut guys have less sensitivity as the top end of the dick is always exposed it would build up a toughness/resistance. Uncut guys have the protective layer so the skin would be more sensitive when you need it, due to it spending most of its time protected from air exposure. As an uncut guy myself, whenever I have my foreskin pulled right back and have my pants on, I would have to fix myself and put the foreskin back in its right position as it would be so sensitive that its uncomfortable with clothing against it. So its best to be uncut as its more sensitive when you need it and less sensitive when you don’t. An uncut dick is in my opinion a lot more attractive than an cut dick. If we were meant to have cut dicks, I’m sure evolution would have sorted it out for us by now anyway 😉

  11. I have been uncut all my life and it would be a shame if you cut yours… The reason your friend is more sesitive right now is because the skin protected it and kept it sensitive. What will happen in the future is that the head exposed all the time will lose sesitivity and will not feel as good when either jacking , fucking or being sucked. Please , please don’t cut your hot beautiful skin because you will regret it. We were born with it for a reason. Thanks for hearing me out.
    Your uncut fan. Peter

  12. Anatomically speaking, being circumcised makes you more clean and tidy. Sexually speaking, your buddy is right. Its good also to have your manhood cut making you feel more comfortable and sensitive during sex. Making you feel a bit more sensual.

  13. No! No! Your intact cock is gorgeous, leave it alone! He probably says he is more sensitive now because his previously covered head is now exposed permanently making everything feel more sensitive. Once that wears off, he’ll be left with a senseless, dry penis head a lot of cut guys are stuck with. Be proud and lucky you’re intact! 🙂

  14. I was cut just after birth (I am American) so I can’t answer the question. But I find uncut much sexier to look at. I lived in Asia for several years and most guys I met there were uncut. I live back in the US now but prefer uncut guys.

  15. I would say no.. from the looks of it you have no difficulty retracting the foreskin on your penis, so there is no need for circumcision this late in life. As for sensation.. a lot of guys who are uncut are unable to retract their foreskin, therefore limiting sensation. I don’t think you have that problem 🙂


  16. This isn’t something I’d let people on the internet decide for you.
    Personally I wouldn’t do it because I love my body the way it is… Well, at least the genital regions.
    You’re an adult and what you do with your body is your choice but just remember it’s irreversible, you’ll lose nerve endings that you’ll never get back and that means loss of sensation… Obviously because there’s nothing there anymore unless you have a ghost foreskin.

    Aesthetically I prefer uncut and if I’m with someone who knows how to use a foreskin foreplay is amazing however I can’t imagine how having one or not having one would actually effect sex at all.

  17. It depends on how you feel about it. I am cut and my ex-boyfriend was uncut and it was nice but I always wondered was it was like if it was cut like me. I’ll never know.

  18. Dont ever cut off any part of your beautiful cock Perer. Foreskin is a magnificently tasty bundle of nerve endings and should not be messed with. To cut off a piece of a mans cock at birth is fucking criminal. I am circumsized and would love to have a hood !!
    Be happy with what u have, I guarantee the grass is not greener on this side.

  19. Good question. I am 100% bottom, so for me it would not matter if he was cut or uncut. As long as he has a dick & knows how to use it! lol

    I persoanlly think you should just live your dick as is.

  20. I think it depends on personal choice, but I personally like a guy who is uncut, looks better, and so much more skin area that helps with sex. But I would say you look HOT as anything and don’t change what your doing, including your foreskin!! 😉

  21. Your dick is ‘open’ like a cut dick. I think there is no different in sex for cut n uncut. Circumcise function is for cleanliness of penis. Thats all…
    I am uncut but my forehead skin is never cover my gland penis. Should I get to circumcise?

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