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Playing with My Ass

Sneaking Some Ass Play In the Bathroom
Sneaking Some Ass Play In the Bathroom

I had to fly back to California over the weekend for some business and decided to visit some friends in Berkeley for dinner. It was a small gathering, some were old friends; others were new to the group. But there was this one hot fucking stud, Alex, which I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of. My buddies told me he has a massive cock.

By the time the second course was served, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I excused myself to the bathroom, tore off my clothes and began fingering my ass thinking about his huge fucking cock inside me.

I hope you enjoy watching me, “Playing with My Ass”.

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Written by PeterFever


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  1. Hey Peter,
    just blew 3 loads watching you playing with your beautiful ass and manhole..your perfect ass deserves deserves a a good deep tongue fucking from a long wet thick tongue. Keep up the great to hear u moaning next time or talking dirty..your voice always gets my cock rock hard…best wishes Devan

  2. What?? Have to wait until next year to watch you fucking yourself with dildo???…..Why take too long??? Can’t wait to see it la…..
    Hi, Peter, I have a suggestion, why don’t you create one new title call “IN BED WITH PETER LE” to invited all male model take photos or video with you in naked? You don’t have to really make love with them, just take some intimate and sexuality photos or video….

  3. I’m thinking what one of the comments was referring to was the butt machine device that has a replica of a dick at the end and the machine can be operated at various speeds to fuck you at your desired speed.

  4. All these ass-play videos on your site are going to make people still think all Asian men are bottoms. Of course some of US know that’s not true. Quite a few of us non-Asian bottoms love Asian men Peter. Don’t forget about us! 😉

  5. wow…. peter fingering himself…hehe, next times you can ask Alex to fuck your ass with his huge cock and we love to see that kind of video too..

  6. yeahh! can’t wait to watch this video clip…Peter you are the best, please do it more, we also love to see you fucking yourself with sex toys(dildo)…:P

    • peter le, i like u as a whole. wish i cud see & meet u in person someday. from ur fan from cebu, phils. jan kwek

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